About the blogger

Austin Wu
I am a positive person, snowboarder experts; devotion to be an author and patience to treading things; I am a funny joker, fast writer and a dog lover.
Devotion means that you love something and you want to do. For me being an author is a great job to do. So, that’s why I use the world devotion as a word to describe me that I like to be an author.
Patience means that I am not rush at doing work, which I use this word is because that being a good student or a great author need to have lot of patience to work at writing and studying language use.
I use fast for my poem does not mean that I type fast, fast represent that I know what I am going to write and how I am going to write it.

OneDay project

My goal for OneDay is to create and finish a stop motion movie.

I achieved my goal of one day.

I use my time wisely to create and finished the animation. I also use my technique that I learn before to finish my goal.

I use a app called stykz to create the animation and finish my goal.