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OneDay project

My goal for OneDay is to create and finish a stop motion movie.

I achieved my goal of one day.

I use my time wisely to create and finished the animation. I also use my technique that I learn before to finish my goal.

I use a app called stykz to create the animation and finish my goal.




Goal 2017-2018

Wellness goal

I want to spend more times on swimming and keep it up every time, because personally I don’t like to swim, but it is a great sports that can make people healthy.

Academic goal

I want to spent more time on Humanities and in general. Because I am really good at Humanities subject when I was seventh grade. But when I get to eighth grade, I decide to work harder on other subject, instead of Humanities. But now I left out on Humanities, so I want to improve on every subject try not to left any object behind.

Personal goal

Be more organized on time, for example not spending too much time on showering.

About Me

Austin Wu
I am a positive person, snowboarder experts; devotion to be an author and patience to treading things; I am a funny joker, fast writer and a dog lover.
Devotion means that you love something and you want to do. For me being an author is a great job to do. So, that’s why I use the world devotion as a word to describe me that I like to be an author.
Patience means that I am not rush at doing work, which I use this word is because that being a good student or a great author need to have lot of patience to work at writing and studying language use.
I use fast for my poem does not mean that I type fast, fast represent that I know what I am going to write and how I am going to write it.