Found Poem: The Monkey’s Paw

The story of the found poem is from page 10 and the found poem I am doing is from the short story The Monkey’s paw, the author is W. W. Jacobs, the concept of my poem is the characterization of Mr. White and Ms. White when their son died weeks after, I chose these sentences to describe their feeling after their son died and the artwork supports my poem because it shows the loneliness and the hopelessness of Mr. White and Ms. White after their son died.

Independent reading project: The last book of the Universe (Exposition)

Letter to Spaz

Dear Spaz, my name is Austin Wu. Who live in a time when there have books, clean water, and everyone lives happily in a better and organize society then future. I have been read your story, but I want to know more about your early childhood and what you have seen about the change in the society. This letter is to ask you about your future life and your early childhood, your story has given some clues about your early life and how you have seen the society, but I did not know much about it. First question, Who is your actual parent? What have you experienced when you are young? Have you been into any kind of education place? How is the world differently than the way you see when you are young until you have been banned from the place? How did your life change because of that? Thank you for pay attention and read my letter.                                                                                             -Sincerely, Austin Wu

Paragraph: This letter is to ask the question of the early life of Spaz and how did the society change when he was young and until he became a banger. Because there have not much of the flashback of Spaz and how did he think of the society, which I want to write a letter to him to ask the question about his early life and how he thinks the society change during the time passed.

Independent reading project #2: The dark tower:  The Gunslinger

The dark tower: The gunslinger is a story of the gunslinger who named Roland and an evil demon called “Man in Black”. Story is showing good against evil by Roland and the demon to present, and in another way the book also shows a conflict of self VS self, Roland use his gun kill the people of entire town before; include child and his lover, his heart and mind is controlled by a demon child when an invisible female is have something with him and they made a demon child which the child controlled Roland’s mind. The rising action starts when Roland chase The man in black right to another world which is New York; and he meets a boy named Jake who dreamed Roland, black tower and The man in black, which Roland found out The man in Black is hiding somewhere in Jake’s school, the climax is when Roland and Jake chase The man in black nearby the dark tower and Roland are fighting The man in black.

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Resolution: Skelton Creek

Ryan and Sarah are the best friends during their childhood, they like to explore things; like an old factory in the middle of the front, that is the nightmare start. Ryan is scared about the things he is facing after that night, “The first thing that scared me is what happened to me, the second thing that scared me is what I have seen, It all scared me, and it’s all like a cloth in a dryer roll around my head.” He wants to rid of this fear, but he is having more fear than what happened in that night. This magazine cover is presenting Ryan with his fear, and how is he going to face it. Ryan himself is stuck in the middle of deciding to let fear conquered him forever, or he is going to conquer the fear inside him and live with it. The image on the top present Fear inside Ryan, the image at the bottom present how Ryan is going to face the fear.


Connect with a theme: Our Choice

The main theme of Our Choice is about a huge crisis we are facing right now, which is global warming. Author AI Gore wants to make the younger generation know about global warming, why it is happening and who cause it. He also wants us to understand why is it a huge crisis that is threatening the whole humanity currently and want us to react on solving global warming issue; so we could build a better future for the whole society and earth itself.

All the major causes of global warming are created by us, human. According to the pollution data around the world, countries like China and USA produce approximately 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 a year. In Our Choice AI Gore conclude and agreed“Climate change, global warming, climate crisis—-it has different names, but they all mean the same thing: the earth’s environment is changing, and we, human beings, are the primary cause.”(AI Gore). Myself, as a younger generation who is responsible for the future of humanity and earth itself. Because global warming won’t just affect a person’s life, it will affect the whole humanity’s future. So global warming link to every human around the war, if I don’t act on solving global warming, it would destroy our society and environment; even the doom of humanity.

Capstone elevator pitch

Introduction: For the elevator pitch, I did SDG goal 7. Sustainable and clean energy, in the video, I talk about the relationship between renewable energy and recycling and how is it an issue; also how people are making conception on recycling renewable energy.

Reflection: I did pretty well on the elevator pitch. I express my idea well, my voice is clear loud and expressive, I check my note and use filler words rarely. Even though, I still have few problems to improve on. For example, I shouldn’t put my notecard below. Because that makes my eye contact with the floor, instead of the audience.

URL link to the elevator pitch video:

Capstone movie

Introduction: For my capstone movie, I did SDG goal 7; sustainable and clean energy. My main focus is on plastic waste and how could recycle solve the plastic waste issue.

Reflection: This is the first time of me making a documentary video, even though for me it’s pretty good. But there are still few small issues I need to fix, first is video editing, I have tried my best to make my video fluence, but there are still few parts that were not good enough. Also, since this is the first time I make a documentary video. I should make people be interested, for example, the interview part is too long and too boring, I could add some image to it to support my interview or just simply make it shorter.

URL link to the Capstone movie: