Education in China

During this project, I have learned how the quality of education is important, and it is a crucial issue in every country. During the project, I spread awareness to others about the issues with education in China. At the start of this project, I believed western education is mostly superior to Chinese education, but from my research, I realized there are parts of education in China that other countries should learn from. I improved on many skills, for example, I surveyed people in the local community about their thoughts on Chinese education, improving my speaking and socializing skills. If I could do this project again, I would do more research for my annotated bibliographies before starting anything, since I realized I was missing information for my video and essay.

Polymer Journal #4

Polymer prototype #3 procedure:

  1. Pour 10ml of liquid starch into a beaker
  2. Pour 10ml of PVA into the beaker
  3. Add 20ml of cornstarch
  4. Mix till jelly-like
  5. Add 10ml of water
  6. Mix thoroughly
  7. Heat for 3 minutes
  8. Cool down polymer till 35°C
  9. Apply to surface
  10. Wait 12 hours

This prototype was the most successful of the three, unlike the other ones, which was not turning into one piece, prototype #3 did after heating. Leaving the heated polymer rested overnight, the part exposed to air turned hard. It may be just the leftover of the polymer drying up, but it worked.


Polymer Journal #3

Seal Slime Prototype material & procedure


PVA & Glue

Liquid Starch

Guar gum


  1. Pour 16.5g of glue into a cup
  2. Pour 10 ml of liquid starch into a cup
  3. Add 20ml of water into a cup
  4. Add 1g of Guar Gum
  5. Mix thoroughly

The slime did not work, even though it did turn somewhat harder, and also more sticky. The slime could not harden as we heated it up, this can be because of the air trapped in the slime as it heats up, burning the surrounding polymer (this left burnt residue on the bottom of the glass). We will add less liquid starch and more glue next time we experiment.

Polymer Journal #2

The plan for our group is to create a slime that would harden and seal cracks, this would allow people to not replace something and just repair it.

A slime we made, boogers, showed some characteristics of what we are going for, it can stretch far, and it can spread evenly through a surface. What we need to find out is how we can have a slime, similar to boogers that would harden if heated.

Polymer Journal #1

A polymer is a chain of monomers, for example, a protein polymer is a chain of protein, a cotton polymer is a chain of cotton. The polymer can be synthetic or natural. Synthetic polymers can be slime, nylon, etc. Natural polymers are things line protein polymer and cotton polymer.

Natual Polymers can be materials used to manufacture other things (silk, wool) Synthetic polymers are manufactured, materials known as the same thing such as rubber. Rubber can be natural or synthetic, natural rubber is sticky and it rots, synthetic rubber is preferred for its variety in physical, mechanical, and chemical properties since different monomers can be mixed together.


Destination: Quality Education

“Sustainable Development Goal 4.” SDG4,

Question: How could we have quality education for everyone all over the world?

I think that everybody deserves a quality education and a chance. The family they are born in may not be the best, does not mean a person born to that family should not have a good education. Possibly missing out many who could have done lots for the good of humanity.


I hope to learn the situations of families who may not be in conditions as well as families in ISB. Especially the ones in poverty, to see how they would send their kids to education, and the difference between economic classes in China.


I hope for people to support the construction of schools in places who children lack education.


I could see how I can improve my question, and what ways I can research this topic

French Revolution

It was a pleasure being able to live through the French Revolution, I was a noble, with peasants serving me tea, Julien would you like… Now I fight along with them, turning France into a better place for everyone.

France has been changed forever, but many things have stayed the same. The Government has changed from monarchy to republic. The nation has been through many leaders, from Louis XVI to the National Assembly, to the Directory, to Napoleon Bonaparte. France was in chaos for much of the Revolution. Citizens would have more freedom than before, and people would never go through any of those horrific events ever again. The wealth and power of the first and second estates dropped immensely, to a point where there basically were no estates anymore. They also have the same rights as the third estate now, and tax is required for everyone. France continues to rely on peasants and farmers, with a growing population, came a rise in foods and goods. The biggest problem we face together is the overspending of the past rulers, the debt of France.

Into the Mind of a Genius


Before the creation of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was already known to be a genius at computer programming. He created many programs and built many computers, “by the time he was 13 years old, Mark had created a basic computer for his family”. He also created a software which Microsoft offered $1 million for a musical program he created for his senior year project. This shows how Mark Zuckerberg would then use his talents for computer programming and make himself one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

Creating computer software’s gave Mark Zuckerberg lots of problems. Facemash, a software created by Zuckerberg that became popular, it was about rating peoples looks. Which got him into major trouble with the school. He has also been accused of copying the idea of three others who he has worked with: Tyler Winklevoss, Divya Narendra, and Cameron Winklevoss. The three were working on a social network mainly about dating. Zuckerberg bailed on them to work on his own plans, after the success of Facebook, the three sued him for copying their idea. After both programs launched, “TheFacebook and Harvard Connection – Which eventually launched in late spring of 2004 as Connect U – were completely different.

Mark Zuckerberg is known for creating Facebook. A platform where people could communicate with others and advertise to others. The idea blew up at an extreme rate and would develop into one of the popular social networks in the world. The statistics of the growth of – which was later changed to Facebook, shows how popular the platform became as “only four days after the launch, it already had 650 members and 300 more joined the next day” (Marcia Lusted 39). That was in 2004, which is what showed Mark Zuckerberg the potential development of the internet. Facebook soon developed into one of the most popular social networks, with around half of the US population using it, all this is achieved at the age of 33.

Walking the Boxer Rebellion

I believe the Boxers deserve a bad rap because of the way they attempted to handle the situation. The Boxer Rebellion was the cause of death for many, innocent or guilty. They also were ridiculously rejective about change in China, they did not want technology to be brought in as it may take away many jobs, but there are also new possibilites if they open up, even more jobs to come.