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In this unit I learned a lot about hunger and malnutrition in China, I hope we can learn more about this in high school.

You have to put a lot of afford into this video. But it will be fun, you will get to film things with your friend, I liked this project.


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Polymer Journal #4

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Polymer Journal #3

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Polymer Journal #2

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Polymer Journal #1

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Daddy, Is There Any Food?

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In this Capstone unit, my focus is on people and the specific part that I am focusing on is: People are having hunger issues in China and mostly in the countryside.

And I have many research questions. The first question is the big topic and the two behind are small topic questions.
1. What are the hunger problems that Chinese people in the countryside are facing?
1. What happens if they don’t get enough food?
2. How is the government making decisions about this situation?
And I hope I gain more good information so I can learn more about it and do something to it when I am old enough.

I chose this because of I what everyone to know that this is a huge problem, not just about death, its more about human rights, and equal. Because some people are born in these families and they don’t have a better option to live. Plus, I would what a feedback about how good my questions are and if it’s not good can you please explain why? Thank you:)

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My Memory Of History

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I will tell a few words about who I am: I’m Zhang Jun and I was born in 1951 and I’m now 67 years old. During my growth, I went through the Chinese Cultural Revolution when I was fifteen till twenty-five. And In these three entries, I will tell you about my story, and how was China at that time.

Chinese Revo PPT

What stayed the same after the Chinese cultural revolution?

The system stayed the same. China is still under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The chinese’s respect and beliefs for the leader group hasn’t changed. Chairman Mao is still remembered as the great leader and founder of people’s republic of China. Most people still have strong faith in the government

What did change after the Cultural revolution?

Students were allowed to attend school again, and high school students were allowed to attend the entrance exam and go to university.

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Comments Off on Long Live Chairman Mao! Long Long Live!!!

Long Live Chairman Mao! Long Long Live!!!

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This is the Chinese Cultural Revolution. And I want to introduce this time period to you. We used drawing and explanation to give you an idea about this interesting revolution. And this revolution happened started at 1966 and ended at 1977.

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The First Man On North Pole

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The author wants us to read this book because he is proud of it, and this is what I want to talk to you about to today in this essay. This book is called “Byrd & Igloo A Polar Adventure” written by Samantha Seiple. The protagonist of this book is called Byrd, and he was the first person who made it to the north pole. So, the author is definitely proud of this event, otherwise why would he write such a specific book about it?

First, The author wrote about how brave Byrd is by telling us the events that happened.“If the plane crashed between Peary Land, ……Bryd and Bennett would have to walk back, dragging a sled with 240 pounds of pemmican” (Seiple 34). He also wants to tell us how he thinks that no one on earth will do the same thing as he did. Second, there is also another piece of evidence that shows how the author is proud of Byrd’s briefness and his adventure.“Get off, or crash” (Seiple 55). They started to fly their way to the north pole, when the first time Bryd and his friends took off , they failed and crashed, they only had a second chance to take off, because the airplane had already been damaged, but if the second chance failed as well, they would die.

From these two events you can now see how the author thinks about Byrd and what he achieved, I think he would not be so impressed if this event was not related to him. This is what the event looks like, this is how high Samantha Seiple thinks about Byrd, this is a book about Byrd who the first man on north pole.



1. Seiple, Samantha. “‘Byrd & Igloo A Polar Adventure.’” Bio/Contact, samanthaseiple.com/about-samantha-seiple/.

2. {“isAjaxInProgress_B001JS5OZI”:”0″,”isAjaxComplete_B001JS5OZI”:”0″} Samantha Seiple (Author) › Visit Amazon’s Samantha Seiple Page Find all the books, read, Samantha. “Byrd & Igloo: A Polar Adventure Hardcover – September 24, 2013.” Byrd & Igloo: A Polar Adventure: Samantha Seiple: 9780545562768: Amazon.com: Books, www.amazon.com/Byrd-Igloo-Adventure-Samantha-Seiple/dp/0545562767.

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Once That I Had A Strong Hope

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This book is called Once, and it was written by Morris Gleitzman. I was writing a card about how setting affects the mood in this book. You can see how the book looks like and how the character looks like from the picture in the card. This is a wonderful book.

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