Blog Post 4- Reflection

Although the product that I made is not the best it can be, I am glad it works. This toy is supposed to be subjected to kids at younger ages. If I had more time, I would make the randomizer better by having two of them so that if the one of the sticks get stuck, you could use the other to spin the fidget spinner, I would also make the measurements of the teeth more accurate because I accidentally cut the holes to close to each other, causing the cardboard to slightly rip when the popsicle sticks are pressed. Furthermore, I would make the design look aesthetically more pleasing. However, despite all the flaws, my design works overall. By opening the mouth, a pin connected to the mouth pushes a popsicle stick until the screw in the end gets stuck under the rim of the paper cup ring. In this process, the rubber band connecting the popsicle stick and a stable box that supports it is pulled. This allows the mouth to stay open. Then by pressing on a specific tooth, it also pushes down a side of the fidget spinner. The spring connected to the bottom of it allows the other side of the fidget spinner to lift up while the side in which the tooth is on is down. Finally, this makes the rubber band pull the popsicle stick with the screw backwards, making everything reverse and thus, bringing the mouth back down again.

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Blog Post 3- Process

Day 1-

I gathered my materials, making sure that they work and adjusted ones that didn’t fit exactly. I also found the materials that are harder to find, such as bearings and springs. Furthermore, I measured and cut out the template of the base and made many replicas to use later. By the end of the class, I have assembled the fidget spinner, paper cup, spring and the popsicle sticks.

Day 2-

I started the class by learning how to drill a hole using a drill. However, the hole was either to small for the screw or too big, thus, breaking the popsicle sticks. I solved this problem by drilling a slightly bigger hole and towards the middle of the stick so that there is less of a chance for the sticks to crack. I then assembled the popsicle sticks, cutting them with ‘giant scissors’ and made the turning thing that I will later attach the top mouth to. The bearings and stick were not the correct size and I solved this problem by putting glue in so that the sticks are secure. Finally, I glued everything in place. However, I am currently behind schedule, because I am supposed to finish all the mechanics today.

Day 3-

I finished the mechanics, however, the measurements are slightly off because I didn’t have exactly the same materials as the tutorial. I needed to move and adjust things that I have already hot glued down and to do so, I had to melt the glue using the tip of the glue gun. This process had to repeated many times. The main mechanics worked.

Day 4-

I realized that the randomizer does not work because I had glued the bottom of the cup on the wrong part of the fidget spinner, not allowing it to move. However, even after I fixed that, the mechanics of the randomizer still did not work and the positioning was of the box that supported the popsicle sticks were to close to the fidget spinner, not allowing the rubber band to pull very hard and thus, keeping the mouth from closing all the way as well. After regluing most of the components, I glued the bottom mouth with teeth that could move up and down without coming out on but forgot to put back the randomizer. In order to solve this problem, I added my own randomizer that was vertical to the mouth instead of horizontal so that everyone you pushed it, it would also push the fidget spinner. Finally, I added the tail, face and legs of the crocodile.

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Blog #2- Crocodile Dentist Design

Main Materials                                   Materials in Detail .        Main Design



Goal: Start on bottom, work out how it works, etc


School: cardboard, spring, exacto knife, cutting board, hot glue gun, measuring tools, bearings (2*mm3, 2*4mm), popsicle sticks, rubber bands, screw driver, screw, drill

Home:  fidget spinner, plastic cup, pencils, sticks, hairpin

Homework- Research or exam the design carefully



Goal: Finish prototype of bottom


School: cardboard, exacto knife, cutting board, hot glue gun, measuring tools, popsicle sticks, screw driver, drill

Home: pencils, sticks

Homework- Find places to improve on and how to



Goal: Improve the prototype of the bottom and cut out shapes of head and body


School: cardboard, exacto knife, cutting board, hot glue gun, measuring tools, popsicle sticks, screw driver, drill, MIGHT NEED OTHER STUFF depending on how it needs to be improved

Home: pencils, sticks

Homework: Make anymore adjustments



Goal: Finish project by painting and assembling it


School: Cardboard, exacto knife, cutting board, hot glue gun, measuring tools, paint

Home: pencils

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What is this engineering task?

What are you thinking about doing?

Kitchen Tool


Hat Fan- Renewable energy to electric to kinetic

ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

Kitchen cutter




Unsafe, messy


Dentist Toy


Entertaining, easy


Energy Transfer isn’t obvious

Not very Useful

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Elements of Costume Design

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social Status
  • Occupation
  • Geographic Location
  • Occasion or Activity
  • Time of Day
  • Season- Weather
  • Historical Period
  • Psychological Factors/ Personality/ Emtion
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Nightmare World

I created a world that has been in my nightmares when I was younger. The only prop, is a coffin with nails. At first, I wanted plain red paint so that it looked like blood; but after I realized that we ran out of red paint I tried to mix together different colors of paint to get a color closest to red. It didn’t work out and I got a dark orangey color that reminds me of rotten flesh, so I used it. This scene is set in a cave like mansion, typical for vampire or zombie movies. Two coffins are bolted to the wall, however, one is opened, giving suspense and making the audience think that one of the dead has awaken and escaped. The mirrors on the wall can later be used in the play, because according to myths, vampires have no reflections. I had wanted curtains stained with blood cover the entrance and exits for the actors, but the curtains didn’t line up well. I had also wanted small pairs of glowing eyes staring at the audience, but there wasn’t a paint brush that was small enough, so I used my fingers. Thus, I was unsuccessful with those two elements of the set piece. I learned to be more creative with and using the tools that I am given with. If I was able to do this set piece again, I would make the backdrop taller, giving a sense that it will swallow the audience. I would also try to use nails to paint on the glowing eyes to make it even smaller and add more spider webs using hot glue.



This design features a dragon’s head from a house. In the yard near the house, are two gravestones of Dave and Martha Jones, who have risen from their graves and are climbing from and out of the earth, scaring a young girl who has fallen onto her back. Another zombie walks in front of them and in a near shed, is a bat entangled in spiderwebs. The backdrop is simple, yet fits flawlessly, showing the entangled and horrific scene. The creator, in my opinion, is successful, because from this scene, I could feel the suspense and the plot of the play can be clearly understood and scene, making it easier for the audience. The props are also well made, however, if she were to further develop this scene, she should add a tail or another body part of the dragon sticking out of the house, because it may seem a little unrealistic for such a small house to be able to withhold a giant dragon. One other thing she could improve on is creating for of a focus point, because although this piece is detailed, the audience may not know where the action is going on.

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A Tool that is Used Against its Creator

Deforestation is a topic that is more serious than I have ever thought. There are many issues that are caused because of deforestation such as extinction, inflation and health. In the Capstone project, I was able to raise awareness among my community about this issue so that people can be more careful about their usage of clothing and wood products and be thankful for what they are able to receive because the not all people can buy food, clothing, and wood products as frequently due to the inflations. Through this project, I now know more information about deforestation. I was always aware about this topic but could never have predicted that 5000 square kilometers of trees are being cut down due to illegal deforestation alone. Public speaking/ speaking with strangers was always challenging, however, when I was conducting surveys with staff members in ISB, I was able to talk to people that I did not know and found that most people are really willing to help when you tell them why you are conducting these surveys. I found that just smiling and relaxing is the best way to communicate with others. If I could do this project again, I would conduct surveys to total strangers and video it. This time, I was unable to do that, because I did not have time to find someone who was willing to have their face in my project.The Capstone project may seem challenging and out of your comfort zone at first, but if you always prepare well, it would not seem as hard.

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World Cup Catapult

The catapult project is both engaging and academic. I’ve learned many things during the process of this project that does not only include mathematics, but also teamwork and the design process. Our final design was constant, therefore, there was a specific quadratic function that we were able to use in order to find out where we should fire the pingpong ball from.

Communication and collaboration is important for this project. There could not just be one person who is working, because in the end, each and every person from the group had to come up with their own functions. We also had to help each other build the catapult and give each other advice on the graphs, etc. In addition, communication outside of class was also essential, because we had to make sure that everyone was on the same page and that no was confused about our project.

Using the design process, my team was able to make three prototypes before choosing the best one. The first one did not fire very far. As a team, we were able to revise and change this by making the catapult longer. However, the results were different than we had imagined, because the stick would get stuck and the rubber band did not function as well, the aim was also always lopsided. As a result, we made a final revision by gluing sticks to the edge of the catapult and adjusting the size once more, making it just right. At first, our catapult could only fire up to 3 meters, by the end, it could fire up to 4.

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Pretty Lies and Ugly Truths

Pretty lies are only there to cover up ugly truths. Humans seek for pleasure. Not everyone can bear the uneasiness of a statement, even if it is true, for no one wants to suffer. The truth can be scary and some may be willing to take in a pretty lie, rather than an ugly truth. This is why humans lie; we lie, to sooth people and to prevent conflicts. In the dystopian world that Scott Westerfield describe, most humans decided to blind themselves with the appearances of a subject and hide the dark meanings deep beneath. Book covers generally allude the theme of a story. Here, it is particularly useful, because my book cover shows how the dark side of this surgery is its perfection, and how people in this dystopian world would chase after it at all costs. Book covers also include deep quotes that can relate to the story and they are essential to Uglies, because it is related to a problem in this world. Westerfield took a problem we see today, judging people by their appearances and surface, and made it big. A person’s appearance is greatly valued today; however, pretty souls do not necessarily apply to pretty faces. This shows how the appearance of beautiful visage can just be a pretty lie that is hiding an ugly truth. Words can be said sweetly, but it is impossible to tell the real intentions of them.




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Final Polymer Product

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