Polymer Journal #1


Source: Monomer




Natural to synthetic

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Trapped (Bird Cages #2 by Pelin Guven)

Photographer: Pelin Guven

#2 Bird Cages




Celine Seo



I’m a bird

I was born to fly

Soaring this blue sky

But I’m trapped in here,

All alone

I want to fly, like the others


I’m a bird

I was born to fly

Someone notice me!

Someone help me!

I didn’t do anything wrong

Did I?


I’m a bird

I was born to fly

People passing by





Why can’t I do the same?






I’m a bird

I was born to be trapped

This is how it’s meant to be,



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Paper Girl in a Paper Town


Paper Town: A town marked on a map that doesn’t actually exists and is used to help map making companies avoid being plagiarized

“It’s a paper town, with paper houses and paper people, everything is uglier up close.” (57,Green)

I’ve decided to focus on characterization of the paper girl, who lives in a paper town- Margo Roth Speigelman. I chose to do this is a video type of post because I thought that video is going to show the most. By using a video, I wanted to show the story in Margo’s point of view. She was a mystery in the book. She hated being fake in the town. In the book, Margo is the main character, but the story isn’t told in her point of view. While making this video, I wanted the story to be told as her point of view, because all of this was Quentin’s perspective. There’s not much about Margo in the book, so I found it hard to pick out which scene I wanted to film, but I tried my best to be Margo as I can. Paper town- I guess can read in lots of ways. The way I thought of it was “identity”. Who are you? What are you? Why are you?

“Nichts passiert so, wie man es sich vorstellt.” – Nothing happens the way you would imagine. (122)

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Student Led Conference 2018

This is my student led conference ppt 2018.

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Destroy Mao- The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

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The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution In Plain English!

For our revolution unit, I chose the Chinese cultural revolution. Also known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. During this revolution, which was led by Chairman Mao, lots has changed but some had stayed the same. And also there are still people out there who’re questioning if the revolution was necessary.

The revolution made a huge impact on China, in both good and bad ways. One of Mao’s order was to close down the factories, and it had a huge impact on China’s economy. Also, lots of students no longer had classes anymore so that also changed the education of China. This is an important change because just by stopping the education, it can affect China’s future. Another order from Mao was to destroy the four olds. Because of his order, his supporters- red guards, destroyed everything. China basically had a huge loss with their own old culture. As the four olds were destroyed, capitalism and imperialism were destroyed, too.

Lots of things had changed after the revolution ended,  but I can tell you that one thing stayed the same. People still have strong faith in their government. there are people out there who doesn’t like the government, but the majority of Chinese still have strong faith in government as well as Chairman Mao.

Background music source: The East is Red

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Money and Human Beings-Windfall

“This,” I say softly, “is going to change everything.”
I don’t mean it the way I usually do.
I don’t mean that change is hard or scary, though it’s definitely both.
I mean only to say this: that sometimes, through good luck or bad, through curses or fate, the world cracks itself open, and afterward nothing will ever be the same.
All I mean is that this seems like one of those times.”

I’m sure most of us had asked ourselves this question; “If I won the lottery what would I do? “, or rather, “If I had millions of dollars I would want to…”. The book Windfall is really just about the big winning the lottery thing. And that winning thing goes to an eighteen years old boy, Teddy. Ticket bought by? Alice, his best friend, for Teddy’s birthday present.


This book is heavy but light, serious but funny, interesting but boring book. I guess it’s because it actually feels like it’s happening right now in the world today. So, Alice is Teddy’s best friend, along with Leo, but she has crush on Teddy, and of course Leo knows thatJ She buys a lottery ticket for fun for Teddy’s birthday and he end up winning it! He actually ends up being the youngest winner and winning 145 million dollars. Because the ticket was bought by Alice, he tells Alice to take half of the money. But Alice, because she’s an independent girl and everything, she doesn’t want to take the money. “But the problem is this: I don’t believe in luck. At least not the good kind.” (Smith, 3) To be honest, probably from most of the reader’s perspective they don’t like the decision that Alice made on that because it’s just so frustrating. Alice’s parents weren’t with her so she’d always been that way and sometimes she’s WAY TOO independent. I mean, it is okay to lean on other people’s shoulder sometimes. Just not always!


Anyhow, because the author created Alice that way it’s just so annoying for us to read that she made that decision. Teddy in other way, he is no stranger to misfortune. His parents divorced, but once the news was out about him winning the lottery, his dad came back. He claims that he came back to see his son, but you? We all know you didn’t come to see your son, you came for the money.


Now this shows how people can change once money gets involved. First of all, Teddy changes. Teddy finally got tons of money and he spends it all to things he liked and he wanted. It’s a life that he’d always wanted. But in Alice’s point of view she doesn’t like it because he’s changing. He’s acting like he’s a superstar or whatever. Second of all, Teddy’s friend change. They change the way they interact with Teddy, now that Teddy had won the money, he got more friends? They are all just hyenas with their saliva drooling down their mouth. Who knows what they’re capable of? And last but not least, as you may all know, his dad change. After Teddy’s parents divorced, Teddy and his dad doesn’t really stay in touch as much. In fact, in the book his dad was barely mentioned. Because Teddy was a young eighteen years old young winner of the lottery, he was pretty famous. His dad realized that his son had won a huge lottery and decides to comeback. Whatever his reasons are, son or the money…


This book clearly points out the problem with money is a unique way. I think the romance part distracted the main point a little bit but reading this book definitely makes you realize what MONEY is capable of, how money can create someone, change someone.

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Love Is Like A Lottery-“Windfall” by Jennifer E. Smith

“It’s like he’s the luckiest person in the world. It’s like we both are.”(Smith, 416)

The message I took out from Jennifer E. Smith’s Windfall was “Money has two faces, don’t let it fool you.”

Money can mean different things to different people. While in this book, for Teddy, misfortune isn’t a strange thing. As his birthday gift, he receives a lottery ticket from his 9 year best friend-Alice. He ends up winning the money- 140 million dollars.  Because he was the youngest winner ever, he became a star quickly. He was enjoying his life in every way he could. While Alice, as watching him, didn’t really like it. His best friend’s attitude seems to be changing. For her, it seemed like money turning him into another person. She doesn’t like that because she had a crush on him. Her crush now looked like a total different person.

When was Teddy going to notice that he is changing because of his money? No, Teddy already knows. And he’s cool with himself changing. Now that he has money, people who weren’t even close to him are getting to him. He doesn’t really care, after all. He thinks that now that he has money, he can do whatever he like and want. His dad even came back. Honestly, his dad claims that he came back-not because of the money. But hey, obviously he did! But Teddy doesn’t care. Everything seemed so easy and perfect now that he has tons of money. People around him are getting Teddy-Teddy doesn’t even know!

As Jennifer said in the book, “This,” I say softly, “is going to change everything.”
I don’t mean it the way I usually do. I don’t mean that change is hard or scary, though it’s definitely both. I mean only to say this: that sometimes, through good luck or bad, through curses or fate, the world cracks itself open, and afterward nothing will ever be the same.
All I mean is that this seems like one of those times.” She knew, before giving it to him that if he wins, it was going to change everything between them. But will they trust each other and go through the change? There might be some hard times, but will they make it?


Image Source: Floating Money

“How to Invest Your Money Wisely.” ARAWA, 31 Mar. 2016, arawa.fm/articles/how-to-invest-your-money-wisely.html.



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What are the dangers of using substances to alter body shape?

Dangers of using substances to alter body shape?

There are lots problems you might face by using drugs that substances to alter body shape. You will lose weight by taking drugs that makes you to lose weight easily. And it is important for us to know how dangerous they are. There are lots of drugs out there that are supposedly made for you to lose weight. For example, fen Phen, Ephedrine, DNP, Clenbuterol, and last but not least-Meridia. If you abuse the drugs, you’ll easily get either extremely high blood pressure, or extremely low blood pressure. You’ll get strokes, tremors, and heart attacks. You’ll also get confusion in daily life, depression in daily life, suicidal thoughts in daily life, sudden death. Instead of taking pills that can lead you to death, you can exercise! And get healthier life-healthy meals, healthy choices

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Boxer Rebellion Field Trip to Foreign Legation

For our Humanities Boxer rebellion field trip, we went to the foreign legations. We went to total of 9 locations, and in this video, i picked 4 most important locations that I think was important during the Boxer rebellion.

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