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I haven’t really posted anything this week. One of the reason was because I was sick, and I didn’t wanted to post a video with a bad quality. Though I was little sick, I still tried a few songs that I want to sing/try in the future. I tried working with the recorder again, because lots of people have been telling me that I should start doing something like what I did with my first video. I think for now, I might just do it how I’m doing it right now, and later in the future, will use the recorder. Here are videos from past few weeks of me trying different things..!


  1. 2002 by Anne Marie (FAIL!)

This is one of the song that I’ve tried countless times. I think it’s one of the songs that I really wanted to sing, but weren’t able to. Because I really like this song, I want to make it more colorful and “my style” . I am still working on that, and I have been practicing this song every single class.


2. Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

Though it was a little but hard since the song doesn’t match my range, I was extremely glad that I got to try this song. Because most of the time I wasn’t feeling well, I tried to sing songs that were a bit lower than my range so that it won’t harm my throat. This is one of the songs that I will definitely try in the future with high key.


3. For Lovers Who Hesitate by Jannabi

This song was really nice to sing, though I never finished it. ONe of the hardest thing about this song was taht

4. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Priesley

5. Almost Is Never Enough


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Passion Project


My third video is UPLOADED:)

After changing my plans of filming and recording, I found it much easier to do the whole process. I actually think that the sound quality is better than using a mic for some reason. Possible reasons could be the surrounding sounds and as well as not experienced with the mic. Additionally, based on the comments, I think the water bottle microphone has become a big hit! Lots and lots of people have commented about it:) (they were all positive)  I will  continue filming with my phone becsuse it’s way easier and faster. 🙂

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Passion Project

I haven’t been posting for a month now, and this is because I had few troubles that had came up to me.

First, the article 13 has passed. I thought I was not going to be able to post a cover video anymore, but Mrs.Lemley and I have solved this problem by digging into the topic deeper- researching about what it is and how it will bring disadvantages to us. After that, we thought that it may not affect me yet, because it just got passed in the EU, and it will take awhile to cross the US and or Youtube.

Another problem that I came faced was microphone and camera. Because during this whole project, I ONLY published 2 videos- which I’m very disappointed of, I was thinking about what was taking me so long. I realized that recording and editing is taking too much time. Usually it will take me about 1 class to brainstorm,  2 classes to record, 2 classes to edit and another class to publish and record. 6 classes in total for a video, which means more than 2 weeks to upload a video:( From now on, I will solve this problem by taking the video on my phone, using the voice recorded on the camera. This will take 1-2 classes depending on what song I’m singing. I will edit and reflect in one class, then publish. I hope this plan will work out. My goal is to publish at least 10 videos:)

The last problem that I encountered was the “documents gone” problem. I was assigned to make a video out of people’s feedback and talking about how I can improve the quality of my video. I have recorded about more than 15 people’s feedback and finished editing it. But today, there was an incident where most of my computer’s documents just disappeared. (Yes, my feedback video, too) Because this was actually assigned so long aog, and I have worked so hard on it out of class, I was very mad:( But I will use my free time to make the feedback video as soon as possible!!!

I think that encountering so many problems was actually a good experience because during the process, I learned so much about how to be responsible to my own problem. Solving the problems weren’t easy, and sometimes my emotions were all messed up, but what i learned during that process was very helpful.


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A Million Dreams:)

OMG, second video is up…! I really worked hard on my singing that day because I was a little sick and I had to hit the high note. It was very frustrating as I get close to the high note because my whole body was frozen every time I try to sing. This video has been a journey because I never thought that I could hit that high note! Although it doesn’t sound perfect and polished, I’m still proud that I got there. What I did differently for this video was editing. I did edit my previous video, but I didn’t layered it. To make the high notes more impressive and louder, I layered my voice about 4 times. I think it did its job, but next time, I have to make it sound more sharp and clean so that the listeners won’t be able to tell.

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Passion Project

For today, I decided to work on revising my blogs. During these few weeks, working on blogs, I realized that I never really put on that much time and effort on my blogs. I do upload them, but I thought that there’s so much more to share than what I posted. So instead of just writing a brief, short, not detailed summary, I decided to spend the whole class on revising my blogs. I also realized that sometimes, I have some blogs that are overdue. And I think it’s not a very good idea to push it to later time to post because it doesn’t benefit both myself and Mrs.Lemley. I would have to wast my time writing all the past memories that I probably don’t even remember, Mrs.Lemley would read some nonsense. For this reason, I decided to put more effort and details on my future posts.

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Passion Project

Today I worked on finding new songs. I have recorded a few and reviewed them. I still am not sure what song would best fit me, so I would have to work on that next class as well. I also started to figure out how to use the new mic. It is a little bit challenging and there are lots of things that I need to learn, but I think I will get the hang of it once I actually start recording. The process is a bit complicated, since I can’t listen to it right after I record it. Yet, I think that the quality is so much better. Here are some songs that I thought worth trying, and I will probably sing for my next video.

-Starving (Hailee Steinfield)

-Friends (Anne Marie)

-Love Yourself (Justin Bieber)

-Say you won’t let go (James Arthur)

-Cups (Anna Kendrick)


(new mic)


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Passion project




Honestly, this is so unbelievable, because I thought I’d never do anything like this. It has been a journey (even though it only took a week or so, haha), but I am really happy that I actually have done something! For the video, I think it turned out pretty well, and I am satisfied with the finished product because I’ve never done anything like this and every single part of it was my “first time”. Uploading the video on youtube was probably the hardest part of the process, because I wasn’t able to upload it due to copyright problem. SO instead of using the original sound file, I used the sound recorded on my camera while I was filming myself. The sound quality, of course, is not as good as the original file, so I will have to research about how I can publish the video with the original sound file. For my next video, I will have to work on the volume because it’s very inconsistent. I would also like to work on my intro video to make it look and sound more professional. I’ll probably use a better recording device to make it into a higher quality and upload it with the original file instead of the camera sound.

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Passion Project

I finished recording and editing today. I’m thinking of using more of an advanced tool for next recording to improve the quality of sound. People have gave me some feedback on the recording such as the volume control and the background noises. I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted myself to sound like. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure if I picked the right song. Throughout the process, I realized that it is definitely not easy to make something sound good or perfect. Of course, there are some flaws in my recording, but because this is my first time and I really wasn’t sure how to organize things, I just went with it. I am pretty surprised about how it turned out. Recording this song had been a journey, even though it sound easy. It took me about a whole class just to record the intro. I finished rest on the weekends, spending a whole day. Now that I think about it, it’s so cool that I spend a whole day just recording because I usually never spend my whole day just doing and focusing on it.




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Passion Project

Passion Project

Spring 2019 Planner (has been postponed a little due to sudden song change)

Week Goals/Steps for the Week
CHINESE NEW YEAR Enjoy your week+ off!
11 February Record & if possible video editing
18 February Edit & upload
25 Feb New song & research
4 March Record & edit
11 March Edit & upload
18 March <China Cup> New song & record
25 March NO Task due this week  – Conferences
SPRING BREAK Enjoy your week off!
8 April <APAC Week> Edit, Upload
15 April New song & record
22 April Record
29 April Edit & upload
6 May New song + record
13 May Upload
20 May Presentation Week
27 May Reflection due


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Passion Project

What is your goal for Passion Project?

-My goal for passions project is to produce a high quality video of my song covers and put it out to the world:) Singing has always been my habit, but using this chance, I want to make it into more than a habit. I would like to improve my singing and as well as filming. I’ve never really filmed anything before, so this would be my chance to learn.

What do you want to learn?

-As I said before, I want to improve my singing and filming. Filming might be a little more challenging to me since I’ve never done it. Technology might disturb me at the beginning of the project, but as time goes, I’ll be a pro:) I don’t think learning singing would be a big deal, though. I might just have to watch some videos to improve occasionally.


What do you want to create?

-I want to create music with just my voice. Make covers of songs. Publish it on youtube.


How do you want to share your learning/product with our community?

-Sharing my cover on youtube is actually a big challenge for me since I don’t like putting myself out there, sadly. But I would like to challenge myself to try something new.


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