Passion Project #2

What is your goal for Passion Project?

-My goal for passions project is to produce a high quality video of my song covers and put it out to the world:) Singing has always been my habit, but using this chance, I want to make it into more than a habit. I would like to improve my singing and as well as filming. I’ve never really filmed anything before, so this would be my chance to learn.

What do you want to learn?

-As I said before, I want to improve my singing and filming. Filming might be a little more challenging to me since I’ve never done it. Technology might disturb me at the beginning of the project, but as time goes, I’ll be a pro:) I don’t think learning singing would be a big deal, though. I might just have to watch some videos to improve occasionally.


What do you want to create?

-I want to create music with just my voice. Make covers of songs. Publish it on youtube.


How do you want to share your learning/product with our community?

-Sharing my cover on youtube is actually a big challenge for me since I don’t like putting myself out there, sadly. But I would like to challenge myself to try something new.


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Passion Project

For my passions project, I would like to make covers of songs. If i could, I might consider uploading it on youtube, but that’s just a thought for now. I sing by my own very often, but I never really recorded and officially published it. This would be my chance too!



I will use my own camera to film, and ask the performing art office if I can borrow a microphone to record:)

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Science Engineering Project-Create and Improve

To be honest, making a vending machine out of plain cardboard was way harder than I thought. During the process, I have faced so may problems and yes, I didn’t solve all of them.





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Science Engineering Project -Reflect and Share

What feedback did I get from others to improve my work?

Overall, this project was a self-led kind of project so I mostly worked on it by myself. However, there were times when feedback was desperately needed. For example, I ripped apart one section of the machine and decided to re- do it. That was actually a suggestion from Mr.Toigo. I honestly found that feedback more helpful and useful than any other feedback because I know that I would’ve wasted the rest of the time doing nothing. Even though I wasn’t able to finish the product, I think it was worth it to at least try.


What are my successful criteria?

My successful criteria was “see my product works,” and “Design and create a device that transfers energy”. Honestly, I would say I failed both of the criteria. And I am totally cool with that. Even though my product is not finished, I think this project taught me lots of things. For example, I am a very sow worker. I  thought 4 classes was going to be enough for this project but turns out it wasn’t. Second, I need to manage and plan my time well. Even though I always worked hard during all 4 classes, I still didn’t manage to get it done. Next time, I will have to plan more precisely, in detail.


(Let’s pretend that I finished the project and…)

What is the strength of the product?

The strength of the product is that its very entertaining! Since it uses cardboard as it’s base, children can use it for fun.  Also, the size of the vending machine is very handy as well. Because the targeted audience for this device is children, I think safety should come first.

What is the weakness of the product?

There are some weaknesses in this product, also. First, it’s easy to hurt break the whole vending machine because it’s made out of cardboard. Second, it can only be a Snicker vending machines so product that you can get out from the machine is very limited.

What could I fix if I do this project again?

If I could do this project again, I want to try to make it with other materials other than cardboard. And also, I would use stronger material to hold things together in a nicer way. Maybe I can try to add on some electrics to make it more like the real-life vending machine.

How does my product impact the potential clients?

My potential clients are children who likes snickers! Instead of a big metal made vending machine, a handy cardboard one will give them the safety vibe more.


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Science Engineering Project- Develop and Plan



  • Cardboard
  • Rubber bands
  • Chopsticks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bamboo sticks


  • 0.5cm x 8cm
  • 2 pieces 1cm x 8cm
  • 2 pieces 2.5cm x 4.5cm
  • 2 pieces 3cm x 5cm
  • 1 piece 4cm x 5cm
  • 1 piece 4cm x 8cm
  • 1 piece 4.5cm x 14cm
  • 2 pieces 6cm x 14cm
  • 6 pieces 8cm x 14cm
  • 1 piece 12cm x 14cm
  • 3 pieces 12cm x 22cm
  • 2 pieces 15cm x 22cm


How will your device demonstrate energy transfer?

-Because the vending machine that I’m making works by rubber band, so it is going to transfer elastic potential energy to mechanical energy.  When you push the handle down, the rubber band(potential elastic) will make the chopstick turn, which will push out the snickers (mechanical).


Is it meeting the criteria/design specifications?

-Yes, the design criteria i chose is “Design and create a device that transfers energy”. It does meet the criteria because the vending machine transfers elastic potential energy to mechanical energy.


How will it function & be aesthetically appealing?

-To make it aesthetically pleasing, i would need to do the cuttings and the measurements precisely and accurately.


What’s its purpose and who is your client?

-The purpose of the vending machine is to have fun when eating a snack! Instead of just grabbing it, this adds a little more fun into it. The client is everyone. It can be for people who wants to have a little fun with snickers or t can be an educational tool to teach transfer of energy!


How are you making your product original or you are using creativity?

-I’m going to make the aesthetic of the vending machine fun and unique, which will make it original. By working on the aesthetic of the box, it will also show my creativity:)


What is the environmental impact of your product?

-Most of the vending machines are made out of plastic, but this vending is made out of cardboard. So it is more recyclable than the general vending machine. Because it is more recyclable, it will definitely make a huge impact on the environmental impact.


How is it durable, yet safe?

– It’s very safe because it’s made out of cardboard. They will not get easily injured by getting hit by, or accidentally dropping it on their food. It is soft and light. But it’s also durable because the hard cardboards are holding up the weight of snickers.



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Science Engineering Project- Define and Inquire


What is this engineering task?

-We are going to follow the ISB design circle and either
1. Design toy that converts energy
2. Take a renewable energy source & convert it to electrical energy
3. Design and create a device that transfers energy
4. Design and make a device that can be used to learn physics


What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)
Embed images and links of ideas you like/don’t like


#1 Motor car

(If you turn the wheel, the lights will light up)

Mechanical energy   –>   Light energy

I really like this idea and was going to develop it into a toy car. So that is can fit perfectly into the category of  “Design toy that converts energy”. But because I thought using a motor was a very common idea among everyone in our grade, I decided to look around more.


#2 Wind turbine

(Turbine light the house up)

Electric/Solar –>  Light energy

This is another idea that i discovered. There’s a story with this idea, actually. I was so close to making this because first, it was pretty simple compare to the others. Second, it actually looks pretty aesthetically pleasing. Third, you don’t need that much material. Even though this idea was my ideal one, but a lot of people also found this device and decided to make it.


#3 Vacuum Cleaner

(device-vacuum,- that transfers energy)

electric –> kinetic energy

Next is a vacuum cleaner. I thought this was an amazing idea because who would have thought about making a vacuum cleaner out of a coke bottle? Because I change my mind really easily, I moved on from my old idea to this one. But i ended up not making this because it was too complicated to me. Considering how patience i am with things, I realized this was not the perfect project for me. Besides, as I mentioned before, this also includes a motor and I wanted to try something new.


#4 Chocolate vending machine

potential elastic energy –> mechanical

I thought this idea was really cool. I like this because it can be very fun for the children. Cons are that it’s made out of cardboard, so it can be easily teared up. Otherwise,  I think this idea is most suitable for me to make.


#5 Personal saving coin bank

(device for kids, saving money-mechanical rubber)

Last but not least, this is a coin back. I thought this was going to be fun to make. But one thing that worried be was the time. Because the process of making it was too complicated, I didn’t think that I was going to be finished at the end of the class. Or even half way done.



ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

Some of them are very challenging to make. For example, for the machines, you need to get all of the measurements and cuts sharp. And that is pretty challenging for me. But also because some of the ideas have a clear/obvious audiences, it might be easier to play with the idea and actually investigate how the results are going to affect the audiences.

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Capstone Education in China

By working on this project, I learned lots about China’s education. I always knew that education was a big issue but I’ve never really tried to take an action or dig more into the topic. While working on this project, I realized that many people don’t think that pressure is needed, but because others are giving lots of lessons, they’re giving their own children pressure, too. Hutong trip helped a lot with my interview experience. Because I had experience from the trip, it was easier for me to talk to people in my survey. If I could do this survey again, I would try to survey more people so I’ll get more data. For next year’s 8th grade, I just think all they need is to enjoy the project because once you’re done, it’s done. You’ll be very proud of yourself:)

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c A T a p U L t.

This catapult project’s purpose was to learn about quadratic functions and how to graph them. While working on this project I learned how to graph and make a function to 3 different types; standard form, vertex form and factored form. Th most challenging part of this project was the math bit. I still don’t feel confident when I work with functions.

This project definitely added a little bit of freedom and fun. Next time, I’d plan a little more, rather than just quickly making a plan and jump into making it. Since we did that, we changed our prototypes couple of times -inspired by one of the group’s design.


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Journal #4

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CAPITOL DAILY “Katniss Everdeen leads the crowd”


In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen was the one who looked at the world as it is. The Hunger Games talks about the dystopian society; the capitol has control of everything. They split people into districts, and they hosted The Hunger Games. To show that they have the power, that without them, you guys are worthless. But because Katniss sees things as it is, she knows and will take an action with that. Katniss knows that the concept of this whole hunger game is wrong and it should be changed. Everyone needs to have their rights, their own rights. All of us has rights to do what we want to do. But in The Hunger Games, this isn’t the case. They don’t have any rights, not at all.

After reading the hunger games, I fell in love with the book. Probably the best book I’ve ever readJ I choses to do a multimedia post, a newspaper in the capitol as my post. Because I know that Katniss is the one who sees the world as it is, I thought that she’ll take an action to it. By putting her into an action, it shows that the capitol is taking control but people will not stop asking for rights.

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