The Land of Stories:The Grimm Warning Sound Track

Change- Taylor Swift

Explanation- When the Happily Ever Assembly loses hope Alex stands up and bring people together. Since there were lots of soldiers and a dragon attacking, the Happily ever Assembly  had lost hope. But Alex had suggested a brilliant idea and tell them to not give up, not lose their hope.

Fight song- Rachel Platten

Explanation- Even though Alex had lost her grandmother at the end, she still fought through the hard times and kept going.

Warrior-Demi Lovato

Explanation- Alex and Conner was at least some kind of warrior that had saved the Land of Stories. They stood up, even though they were kids. Technically, this song would apply to all the territories who fought for their Land of Stories. All of them were brave, they were all willing to save their world, even when no one asked them to.

It’s not over yet – King & Country

Explanation- Alex and Conner, including the Land of Stories territories/empires fought their way through the war. They were the bravest warriors. There were thousands and thousands of soldiers and a dragon who came and attacked them, but they didn’t lose hope. They probably felt like they were going loose, but they didn’t lose the hope. Because, just like the song title, It’s not over yet. You’ll never know, so keep fighting.

Part of me -Katy Perry

Explanation- When Alex first stepped into the Land of Stories, she felt something unusual. She has a part of her where she felt like she belongs here. Another side of her was a brave side. Being brave, courageous was always a part of her. No one can get rid of that. It was in her.

Heroes(We could be)- Alesso ft.Tove Lo

Explanation- Alex and Conner was the hero in every single book of Land of Stories. They have saved the Land of Stories several times. They were hero for everyone who were living in there. They believed and stood up for everyone, even though they were little kids. They had volunteered to fight the army, and inspired other people to do so. When all of them were together, there were nothing that could stop them from winning.

Stronger- Kelly Clarkson

Explanation- As a reader’s point of view, it felt like when all of them were together, made them stronger. Alex and Conner convinced the Elf Empire to join the empire. Other citizens volunteered to fight as well. They were strong as a whole, and they won the war. Because they were together-they were stronger.

Brave- Sara Bareilles

Explanation- Alex and Conner weren’t brave from the beginning. Of course, there were part of them that was brave, but not all. It took them lots of work to stand up and help/save the world. They were brave, braver that anyone else.




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2 Responses to The Land of Stories:The Grimm Warning Sound Track

  1. JoyceJ says:

    Nice work Celine. You know the story really well and all the songs you choice are suitable for the characters and the plots. You’ve successfully emphasized the courage of the characters and tell what you want to tell, which shows that you’ve pretty much dig into the story. Choosing songs wisely that fits for the characters are not easy, but you did really well. One suggestion is that I think you can make your thematic statement more clear, and reveal the connection between the songs and the story, or tell why at some point you choice these songs.

    • Celine S says:

      Thank you for your comment!It’s really nice of you to comment what i need to improve and what i did wel:):)

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