Romantic Times-Shakespeare edition

Lysander was a strong, and a romantic man. But others thought he was rude! In terms of The Strong Lysander, the quote “My love his more than his.”(Shakespeare, MSND Act 1 Scene 1) shows that he’s sure of what he’s doing, he has a strong feeling about Hermia, because he loves her. As in Lysander, the Romantic, the quote “”How now, my love? Why is your cheek so pale? How chance the roses there do fade so fast?”(MSND Act1 Scene 1) lets us know that Lysander loves Hermia a lot. He becomes really extra when it comes to talking to Hermia, but it isn’t bad. It’s romantic. But others think differently. Like Egeus. We know that Egeus thinks that Lysander is a rude man, because of the quote “Scornful Lysander, true, he hath my love.”(MSND Act 1 Scene 1). We can tell that Lysander is a strong and a romantic man by the quotes. But we can also tell that others think differently.

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