c A T a p U L t.

This catapult project’s purpose was to learn about quadratic functions and how to graph them. While working on this project I learned how to graph and make a function to 3 different types; standard form, vertex form and factored form. Th most challenging part of this project was the math bit. I still don’t feel confident when I work with functions.

This project definitely added a little bit of freedom and fun. Next time, I’d plan a little more, rather than just quickly making a plan and jump into making it. Since we did that, we changed our prototypes couple of times -inspired by one of the group’s design.


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  1. Christina K says:

    Good Job!
    Star: Gave your beginning plan, tells what you planned
    Star: Met requirements on what you would do next time, what’s important, and what was challenging.
    Wish: Add more artifacts!

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