Science Engineering Project- Define and Inquire


What is this engineering task?

-We are going to follow the ISB design circle and either
1. Design toy that converts energy
2. Take a renewable energy source & convert it to electrical energy
3. Design and create a device that transfers energy
4. Design and make a device that can be used to learn physics


What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)
Embed images and links of ideas you like/don’t like


#1 Motor car

(If you turn the wheel, the lights will light up)

Mechanical energy   –>   Light energy

I really like this idea and was going to develop it into a toy car. So that is can fit perfectly into the category of  “Design toy that converts energy”. But because I thought using a motor was a very common idea among everyone in our grade, I decided to look around more.


#2 Wind turbine

(Turbine light the house up)

Electric/Solar –>  Light energy

This is another idea that i discovered. There’s a story with this idea, actually. I was so close to making this because first, it was pretty simple compare to the others. Second, it actually looks pretty aesthetically pleasing. Third, you don’t need that much material. Even though this idea was my ideal one, but a lot of people also found this device and decided to make it.


#3 Vacuum Cleaner

(device-vacuum,- that transfers energy)

electric –> kinetic energy

Next is a vacuum cleaner. I thought this was an amazing idea because who would have thought about making a vacuum cleaner out of a coke bottle? Because I change my mind really easily, I moved on from my old idea to this one. But i ended up not making this because it was too complicated to me. Considering how patience i am with things, I realized this was not the perfect project for me. Besides, as I mentioned before, this also includes a motor and I wanted to try something new.


#4 Chocolate vending machine

potential elastic energy –> mechanical

I thought this idea was really cool. I like this because it can be very fun for the children. Cons are that it’s made out of cardboard, so it can be easily teared up. Otherwise,  I think this idea is most suitable for me to make.


#5 Personal saving coin bank

(device for kids, saving money-mechanical rubber)

Last but not least, this is a coin back. I thought this was going to be fun to make. But one thing that worried be was the time. Because the process of making it was too complicated, I didn’t think that I was going to be finished at the end of the class. Or even half way done.



ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

Some of them are very challenging to make. For example, for the machines, you need to get all of the measurements and cuts sharp. And that is pretty challenging for me. But also because some of the ideas have a clear/obvious audiences, it might be easier to play with the idea and actually investigate how the results are going to affect the audiences.

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