Science Engineering Project -Reflect and Share

What feedback did I get from others to improve my work?

Overall, this project was a self-led kind of project so I mostly worked on it by myself. However, there were times when feedback was desperately needed. For example, I ripped apart one section of the machine and decided to re- do it. That was actually a suggestion from Mr.Toigo. I honestly found that feedback more helpful and useful than any other feedback because I know that I would’ve wasted the rest of the time doing nothing. Even though I wasn’t able to finish the product, I think it was worth it to at least try.


What are my successful criteria?

My successful criteria was “see my product works,” and “Design and create a device that transfers energy”. Honestly, I would say I failed both of the criteria. And I am totally cool with that. Even though my product is not finished, I think this project taught me lots of things. For example, I am a very sow worker. I  thought 4 classes was going to be enough for this project but turns out it wasn’t. Second, I need to manage and plan my time well. Even though I always worked hard during all 4 classes, I still didn’t manage to get it done. Next time, I will have to plan more precisely, in detail.


(Let’s pretend that I finished the project and…)

What is the strength of the product?

The strength of the product is that its very entertaining! Since it uses cardboard as it’s base, children can use it for fun.  Also, the size of the vending machine is very handy as well. Because the targeted audience for this device is children, I think safety should come first.

What is the weakness of the product?

There are some weaknesses in this product, also. First, it’s easy to hurt break the whole vending machine because it’s made out of cardboard. Second, it can only be a Snicker vending machines so product that you can get out from the machine is very limited.

What could I fix if I do this project again?

If I could do this project again, I want to try to make it with other materials other than cardboard. And also, I would use stronger material to hold things together in a nicer way. Maybe I can try to add on some electrics to make it more like the real-life vending machine.

How does my product impact the potential clients?

My potential clients are children who likes snickers! Instead of a big metal made vending machine, a handy cardboard one will give them the safety vibe more.


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