Passion Project

What is your goal for Passion Project?

-My goal for passions project is to produce a high quality video of my song covers and put it out to the world:) Singing has always been my habit, but using this chance, I want to make it into more than a habit. I would like to improve my singing and as well as filming. I’ve never really filmed anything before, so this would be my chance to learn.

What do you want to learn?

-As I said before, I want to improve my singing and filming. Filming might be a little more challenging to me since I’ve never done it. Technology might disturb me at the beginning of the project, but as time goes, I’ll be a pro:) I don’t think learning singing would be a big deal, though. I might just have to watch some videos to improve occasionally.


What do you want to create?

-I want to create music with just my voice. Make covers of songs. Publish it on youtube.


How do you want to share your learning/product with our community?

-Sharing my cover on youtube is actually a big challenge for me since I don’t like putting myself out there, sadly. But I would like to challenge myself to try something new.


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  1. JulieLemley says:

    Celine – This all looks good! I’m looking forward to seeing your plan and the expectations you set for yourself this semester.

    Mrs. Lemley

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