Passion Project

For today, I decided to work on revising my blogs. During these few weeks, working on blogs, I realized that I never really put on that much time and effort on my blogs. I do upload them, but I thought that there’s so much more to share than what I posted. So instead of just writing a brief, short, not detailed summary, I decided to spend the whole class on revising my blogs. I also realized that sometimes, I have some blogs that are overdue. And I think it’s not a very good idea to push it to later time to post because it doesn’t benefit both myself and Mrs.Lemley. I would have to wast my time writing all the past memories that I probably don’t even remember, Mrs.Lemley would read some nonsense. For this reason, I decided to put more effort and details on my future posts.

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  1. Mrs. Lemley says:

    Hi Celine,
    I appreciate you going back to your blogs to add more details. Remember, that the most important part of this is your own reflection and documentation of your work. It’s not just to do it for a summative task.

    Use your blog to document your work and reflect on how it’s going.

    I’m awaiting your next video! I hope to see it soon.

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