Passion Project

I haven’t been posting for a month now, and this is because I had few troubles that had came up to me.

First, the article 13 has passed. I thought I was not going to be able to post a cover video anymore, but Mrs.Lemley and I have solved this problem by digging into the topic deeper- researching about what it is and how it will bring disadvantages to us. After that, we thought that it may not affect me yet, because it just got passed in the EU, and it will take awhile to cross the US and or Youtube.

Another problem that I came faced was microphone and camera. Because during this whole project, I ONLY published 2 videos- which I’m very disappointed of, I was thinking about what was taking me so long. I realized that recording and editing is taking too much time. Usually it will take me about 1 class to brainstorm,  2 classes to record, 2 classes to edit and another class to publish and record. 6 classes in total for a video, which means more than 2 weeks to upload a video:( From now on, I will solve this problem by taking the video on my phone, using the voice recorded on the camera. This will take 1-2 classes depending on what song I’m singing. I will edit and reflect in one class, then publish. I hope this plan will work out. My goal is to publish at least 10 videos:)

The last problem that I encountered was the “documents gone” problem. I was assigned to make a video out of people’s feedback and talking about how I can improve the quality of my video. I have recorded about more than 15 people’s feedback and finished editing it. But today, there was an incident where most of my computer’s documents just disappeared. (Yes, my feedback video, too) Because this was actually assigned so long aog, and I have worked so hard on it out of class, I was very mad:( But I will use my free time to make the feedback video as soon as possible!!!

I think that encountering so many problems was actually a good experience because during the process, I learned so much about how to be responsible to my own problem. Solving the problems weren’t easy, and sometimes my emotions were all messed up, but what i learned during that process was very helpful.


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