Passion Project


My third video is UPLOADED:)

After changing my plans of filming and recording, I found it much easier to do the whole process. I actually think that the sound quality is better than using a mic for some reason. Possible reasons could be the surrounding sounds and as well as not experienced with the mic. Additionally, based on the comments, I think the water bottle microphone has become a big hit! Lots and lots of people have commented about it:) (they were all positive)  I will  continue filming with my phone becsuse it’s way easier and faster. 🙂

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  1. Mrs. Lemley says:

    Hi Celine –
    This is a great video. Your voice sounds solid and the recording is clear. While the water bottle is an interesting addition, just make sure it doesn’t block your mouth when you are singing.

    Your reflection is brief, but I’m glad your recording has turned out better and is more efficient than what you were doing.

    After future posts/videos, please include: What are you going to work on for your next recording?

    Keep it up! You are doing great! I wonder if you can post another 4 videos before the end of the semester.

    Also, one last thing. Your views really spiked for your first two videos. Is there anything you can do to try to keep this following and get more people interacting with your video?

    Mrs. Lemley

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