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I haven’t really posted anything this week. One of the reason was because I was sick, and I didn’t wanted to post a video with a bad quality. Though I was little sick, I still tried a few songs that I want to sing/try in the future. I tried working with the recorder again, because lots of people have been telling me that I should start doing something like what I did with my first video. I think for now, I might just do it how I’m doing it right now, and later in the future, will use the recorder. Here are videos from past few weeks of me trying different things..!


  1. 2002 by Anne Marie (FAIL!)

This is one of the song that I’ve tried countless times. I think it’s one of the songs that I really wanted to sing, but weren’t able to. Because I really like this song, I want to make it more colorful and “my style” . I am still working on that, and I have been practicing this song every single class.


2. Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

Though it was a little but hard since the song doesn’t match my range, I was extremely glad that I got to try this song. Because most of the time I wasn’t feeling well, I tried to sing songs that were a bit lower than my range so that it won’t harm my throat. This is one of the songs that I will definitely try in the future with high key.


3. For Lovers Who Hesitate by Jannabi

This song was really nice to sing, though I never finished it. ONe of the hardest thing about this song was taht

4. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Priesley

5. Almost Is Never Enough


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