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My First Two Days

I’m an 8th grader now. And my first two days were pretty awesome but I was lost. This year, we have a brand new schedule, which is cool but hard to get used to it. When I stepped into my classroom, I was shocked that there were no girls and lots of boys. I only knew a few people and I didn’t know what to talk about with them. And later on, a girl came in. Her name was Ashley and I think I’ve seen her before in 7th grade. I really like our class, except I don’t feel like our class is my homeroom since we all split up to our own classes. All of our classmates arrived and we played some games to remember each other’s name. It was fun; how the game was even though I am still a little confused. I met my friends in other class and we gave each other a big big hug.

I first met our Math teacher, Mr. Craig. He seems really nice, but it’s just that he seems a little bit mysterious. Besides, I am scared of Math. And then I went to the gym for PE class. We didn’t do much but we had lots of fun by playing games. I got to talk to people that I’ve never met and talked to before.

So then, we had to go to our Humanities class. I was glad that I got Mr. Fidler, at least I got a teacher who I know and knows me! I was excited but more like nervous. Since most of the people said he was scary. I had the same feeling like when it was my first Yearbook Photography class. Anyways, since I don’t like writing or reading, I was scared that the teacher will think that I’m kind of a student who’s stupid. But the class was better than I thought it was going to be. So that was my first day.

Second day? It was cool, too but the first day of school is always better. We still had mentoring time like the first day and we had the challenge to do with all the other 8th graders. The challenge was interesting, though… Later on the day, we had to go to our classes. I first went to Humanities and in Humanities class, we learned about blogs. It was nice to know that we are going to use our blogs for the 8th grade humanities class since I’ve never used it before.

We also went to Science class. I was sad because Ms. Cox wasn’t there, though. But it was fun to do all the activities and stuff that she had assigned us. The Technology class was all about how to use electronic in a right way. We learned about how and what makes a good internet user, or citizen. The second day was a little bit boring, but it was fine. Anyways, I’ll look forward to 8th grade unless Humanities is going to be full of grammar-ish stuff, Math is going to be tricky; full of numbers and functions, Science is going to make my brain explode because it’s too complicated.