Capstone Project on Air Pollution in China – What You See

After researching and working on this project, I have learned that air pollution actually is a really big part of everyday life. I used to think air pollution is an issue that cannot be solved easily, and that’s what I still think, but in some ways I have contributed to the community and reducing air pollution by using electric vehicles that does not have car emissions. I have also learned how to create and conduct a survey and also, doing interviews on street with people during this project. I think it’s really important to know these skills, and I think I will use them again in the future. If I could do this project again, I might choose another topic to work on, or change my compelling question and claim. It’s one of the biggest regrets, I figured out that my claim and compelling question did not link together as I wanted and it was really hard to make sure I can write a good research paper with two sentences that had not much connection. To the Gr8s next year, make sure you choose a subject and issue that you truly want to research and learn on, then when you write a paper or make a documentary on it, the audience will know that you fully understand the topic and has an aim, not just making a video because your teachers told you, and then your audience will start to believe in the information and think about contributing to that issue.

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What you learn building a catapult

In this project, we planned our own catapult designs and used materials and tools to build a catapult that can fire consistently and stand on its own. The purpose of this project is to let us establish multiple abilities, such as the ability to design a product that looks professional, the ability to use tools in a design lab correctly and usefully, and also to put our quadratic functions skills to real life problems at a hands-on project that involves us to use our math skills and our design skills.

Throughout the project, we definitely experienced multiple challenges and problems. For example, our first prototype had the problem of breaking apart because the firing arm is made with thin card board. It wasn’t consistently firing the same distance and the card board was breaking at the bottom. We decided to change the firing arm on our second prototype, which is just detaching the card board and hot glueing the arm made with popsicle sticks. This is just one challenge that we came across in our designing and building process, but there is still a lot when we tested it’s abilities at the Catapult Cup Challenge.

With no doubt, this project helped me with my understandings of quadratic function because it allowed us to see how real life is converted into graphs that we learn in math class. From the different functions of Height vs. Time and Height vs. Distance, I received a more thorough understanding of quadratic functions and how it’s used in real life.

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Polymer Journal #4

Polymer Journal #4 by Christina

As a group, we experienced the difficult time of coming up with a product to develop prototypes on, but after we had the idea, we quickly found a way to head and started finding our ideal polymer. Prototype #1 was our first attempt at making a cup stabilizer, which is also where we gained our confidence in our topic, we realized that a polymer cup stabilizer actually works just as we imagined it. And along with the flow, we developed our second prototype, the most successful one. It was just the right amount of stickiness, and the target audience can easily pick up the cup. However, the third prototype did not have much improvements. Besides from able to be played with well and sticks to the table well, we found that prototype #3 was way too sticky to a point where the cup will get stuck to it and cannot easily detach. From our observations and trials, prototype #2 contained the most ideal characteristics of our product. We named it – the POLDER, meaning a polymer cup holder. There is definitely more improvements that are needed, such as increasing the distance that the Polder can be stretched without breaking, and also add more stickiness to hold the cup. I have learned that following the design process is a really crucial part of this project, especially the “Develop & Plan” step, where we have to gain enough information and knowledge to develop a plan. Of course, we also need to reflect every single time we make a move so that we can notice our own faults and limitations.

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Maggot Moon – Silenced Men

“I asked too many questions, and that’s when they silenced me.” (Gardner 197).

This is the quote that built up the main thematic statement of the book Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner, whoever seeks for the truth will silenced. I drew this drawing to display what characters in Maggot Moon has been through and other possibilities that they will be punished so they will keep the secret. In the dystopian society, there are many examples of dark secrets hidden by the government and slowly getting ready by controlling as many people as they possibly can. In Maggot Moon, that’s exactly what happened, and just like other dystopian novels, people discovered the secret of the moon landing. First, it was Mr. Lush, then it was the moon man, after that, Hector, and at last, Standish found out.

The characters who slowly discovered the truth suffered torture from the government that was explained by the Moon Man. “Mrs. Lush was shot the moment they arrived, in front of Mr. Lush and their son. We all witnessed it.” (198). Standish asked why, but all the moon man could respond was “Punishment for not cooperating.” (199). The moon man himself was punished too, for trying to tell the secret. “Then he opened his mouth to show us he had no tongue to speak with. I guess that’s what they had done to my mum.” (163). The person in the drawing had his tongue cut off with only a tiny bit left behind, one of his eyes are bandaged. “They chopped off his little finger after they killed Mrs. Lush, and told Mr. Lush if he refused to do all that was asked of him another finger would go, and another.” (199). I exaggerated this point and the person in the drawing had no arms, like Hector with no pinkie. The government would do anything to make people obey and keep the secret, they would kill them to threaten others to work for them. The balance was finally destructed when Standish sneaked into the other side of the walls, and teared the secret they tried to protect for so long in half.

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Polymer Journal #3

Describing Our Polymer 

  1. We are making a cup holder/stabilizer that can keep a cup in place when being pushed and can help insulate heat when holding the cup.


  1. We want the Physical Properties to include:
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sticky
  • Smooth
  • Clean
  • No odor
  • Transparent


Our Plan to Develop our Prototype

*Prototype = sample or model  

 1st we will…

Make super slime and test

2nd we will…

Make changes, add new properties

3rd we will…

Make prototype #2 and so on

4th we will


Accept feedback and fix problems


Our Method for Testing our Prototype: How we’ll test it to see if it works

Method Why we chose this/How this will be effective
Put a real cup and see if it stays still. See if it works when used.
Smell to see if there is odor. Meets our properties.
Stretch to see if it breaks easily. It might break apart while using.



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Polymer Journal #2

POLYMER JOURNAL #2 by Christina

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Polymer Journal #1

Design Journal by Christina


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Home Coming (#1 Home Coming by Gilbert Choy)

Photographer: Gilbert Choy

#1 Home Coming

Poem by Christina


I recall

Leaving home

Going out there

On my own

For years

I was lost

Now my ears

Have been blocked


I swim in the ocean that covers the whole existence


But I’ve reached my limit

It’s time to take a breath

Head out to the surface to where I started

I cannot wait to go back


So I swam and swam and swam

Eventually I arrived

To where I thought home was

But now I stand here

I breath in the air around me

I stare at the ground underneath me

I look at what’s in front of me




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Paper Towns – Our Journey

The book “Paper Towns” by John Green starts with the main character Quentin’s first person recount of his childhood friend and neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman. The plot shifts with the rising action of Margo climbing through the windows of Quentin’s second floor bedroom on a school night. Margo asked Quentin to drive her around Orlando, revenging on her boyfriend and best friends. The rising action was quite clear since it’s the first time Margo’s talked to Quentin in a long time, and it was an action that led to the climax of this book. I made a trailer for the rising action of this book to lead readers up to the climax of this story with short clips I took when I was on the car in Orlando, which is also where the story took place. Throughout the entire trailer, I only added in one dialogue, which is what Margo said to Quentin when she went to him in midnight. “I need your car.” (Green 25). At first, Quentin rejected her with multiple reasons, such as “I don’t have a car”, “You have your own car.”, or “Any felonies?” (25-26) since he didn’t want to get in any trouble. But Margo successfully convinced him to help her with eleven things she needs to do that day. I organized my trailer so that it focuses on one point, and that is the adventure Margo and Quentin went on that day. The trailer begins with Margo quietly opening a door that starts the adventure and following that the view on the car. I filmed everything in first person perspective besides the first scene, which is what Margo sees when she looks out the window. It continues from night to day, which is when their adventure ends, however I specifically edited my clip so that the background music ends after the scene goes dark. This is to indicate that the story does not end just like this and foreshadows Margo suddenly disappearing on the next morning. It gives audience a desire to discover what it means and wanting to finish the note off. I actually thought about the background music for a long time, but one day when I was sitting in the car and listening to my playlist, I suddenly realized that the song playing was the perfect song for my trailer. It comes from an anime that I watched before, and it suits the rising action perfectly just as I have expected after I pieced everything together. Everything ends on the highest note, slowly growing louder but suddenly cuts. I organized this for the same reason as the one before, to leave a cliffhanger and grabs the audience. This is also where I think the background music fits better than everything else, because everything before was developing for the highest climax, helping the trailer end on an unexpected but extremely powerful note.

Work Cited (BGM)

PandoraJourney. “Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso – Friend A [四月は君の嘘 – Beautiful Emotional Uplifting].” YouTube, YouTube, 22 Mar. 2015,

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American Revolution – What We Fought For

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