All the Bright Places – Finch and Violet’s Wall of Ideas

The picture above displays a scene in the book All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven that describes the characteristics of Finch. This picture is taken by me in my closet and stickie notes also written by myself. Finch used to have a Wall of Ideas, but ever since he felt extremely insecure, he moved into his closet, and made a new Wall of Ideas inside the closet. Hinted by the words he wrote on the wall, he showed readers his trust to Violet. Together, they stuck positive things on to the wall and ripped negative things into a pile of paper. What Finch wrote shows how vulnerable and important Violet is to him. Ripped words such as “Freak, Label, Belong, and Sunday” explains how he dislikes himself by being labelled as a freak, how he feels like he does not belong to anywhere, and annoyed and afraid to meet his abusive divorced dad on Sundays. Finch really relied on Violet, showing so by writing “Violet is life” and “You” on the stickies. Both of them showed trust and reliance on each other, although Finch’s trust was broken because Violet told others about his internal condition. Finch shows his insecure, vulnerable, and relying on others through writing on stickie notes and ripping them into pieces.

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