Paper Towns – Our Journey

The book “Paper Towns” by John Green starts with the main character Quentin’s first person recount of his childhood friend and neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman. The plot shifts with the rising action of Margo climbing through the windows of Quentin’s second floor bedroom on a school night. Margo asked Quentin to drive her around Orlando, revenging on her boyfriend and best friends. The rising action was quite clear since it’s the first time Margo’s talked to Quentin in a long time, and it was an action that led to the climax of this book. I made a trailer for the rising action of this book to lead readers up to the climax of this story with short clips I took when I was on the car in Orlando, which is also where the story took place. Throughout the entire trailer, I only added in one dialogue, which is what Margo said to Quentin when she went to him in midnight. “I need your car.” (Green 25). At first, Quentin rejected her with multiple reasons, such as “I don’t have a car”, “You have your own car.”, or “Any felonies?” (25-26) since he didn’t want to get in any trouble. But Margo successfully convinced him to help her with eleven things she needs to do that day. I organized my trailer so that it focuses on one point, and that is the adventure Margo and Quentin went on that day. The trailer begins with Margo quietly opening a door that starts the adventure and following that the view on the car. I filmed everything in first person perspective besides the first scene, which is what Margo sees when she looks out the window. It continues from night to day, which is when their adventure ends, however I specifically edited my clip so that the background music ends after the scene goes dark. This is to indicate that the story does not end just like this and foreshadows Margo suddenly disappearing on the next morning. It gives audience a desire to discover what it means and wanting to finish the note off. I actually thought about the background music for a long time, but one day when I was sitting in the car and listening to my playlist, I suddenly realized that the song playing was the perfect song for my trailer. It comes from an anime that I watched before, and it suits the rising action perfectly just as I have expected after I pieced everything together. Everything ends on the highest note, slowly growing louder but suddenly cuts. I organized this for the same reason as the one before, to leave a cliffhanger and grabs the audience. This is also where I think the background music fits better than everything else, because everything before was developing for the highest climax, helping the trailer end on an unexpected but extremely powerful note.

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