Polymer Journal #3

Describing Our Polymer 

  1. We are making a cup holder/stabilizer that can keep a cup in place when being pushed and can help insulate heat when holding the cup.


  1. We want the Physical Properties to include:
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sticky
  • Smooth
  • Clean
  • No odor
  • Transparent


Our Plan to Develop our Prototype

*Prototype = sample or model  

 1st we will…

Make super slime and test

2nd we will…

Make changes, add new properties

3rd we will…

Make prototype #2 and so on

4th we will


Accept feedback and fix problems


Our Method for Testing our Prototype: How we’ll test it to see if it works

Method Why we chose this/How this will be effective
Put a real cup and see if it stays still. See if it works when used.
Smell to see if there is odor. Meets our properties.
Stretch to see if it breaks easily. It might break apart while using.