Polymer Journal #4

Polymer Journal #4 by Christina

As a group, we experienced the difficult time of coming up with a product to develop prototypes on, but after we had the idea, we quickly found a way to head and started finding our ideal polymer. Prototype #1 was our first attempt at making a cup stabilizer, which is also where we gained our confidence in our topic, we realized that a polymer cup stabilizer actually works just as we imagined it. And along with the flow, we developed our second prototype, the most successful one. It was just the right amount of stickiness, and the target audience can easily pick up the cup. However, the third prototype did not have much improvements. Besides from able to be played with well and sticks to the table well, we found that prototype #3 was way too sticky to a point where the cup will get stuck to it and cannot easily detach. From our observations and trials, prototype #2 contained the most ideal characteristics of our product. We named it – the POLDER, meaning a polymer cup holder. There is definitely more improvements that are needed, such as increasing the distance that the Polder can be stretched without breaking, and also add more stickiness to hold the cup. I have learned that following the design process is a really crucial part of this project, especially the “Develop & Plan” step, where we have to gain enough information and knowledge to develop a plan. Of course, we also need to reflect every single time we make a move so that we can notice our own faults and limitations.