Capstone Project on Air Pollution in China – What You See

After researching and working on this project, I have learned that air pollution actually is a really big part of everyday life. I used to think air pollution is an issue that cannot be solved easily, and that’s what I still think, but in some ways I have contributed to the community and reducing air pollution by using electric vehicles that does not have car emissions. I have also learned how to create and conduct a survey and also, doing interviews on street with people during this project. I think it’s really important to know these skills, and I think I will use them again in the future. If I could do this project again, I might choose another topic to work on, or change my compelling question and claim. It’s one of the biggest regrets, I figured out that my claim and compelling question did not link together as I wanted and it was really hard to make sure I can write a good research paper with two sentences that had not much connection. To the Gr8s next year, make sure you choose a subject and issue that you truly want to research and learn on, then when you write a paper or make a documentary on it, the audience will know that you fully understand the topic and has an aim, not just making a video because your teachers told you, and then your audience will start to believe in the information and think about contributing to that issue.