Science Engineering Project Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

This engineering task is where we used ISB’s design thinking process to design and create a device that shows the energy transfer.

  1. In this video, I received the idea of using potential energy to create a device that can be used to entertain others, however, I was not able to develop further into the idea because I wasn’t exactly sure how I would embed energy transfer into my created device. The pros about this idea was clearly limited, which was why I dislike this idea.
  2. This video was produced by a recommended Youtuber, and it showed him making an electric car with card board. Since my oldest sister was about to give birth to her baby, I had the idea of making a toy a a gift to entertain the baby, but I just needed the aspect of energy transfer in this device. The device might be a a wheel that can spin with different objects on it whether using wind energy, solar energy, or electrical energy in some kind of way. What’s good about this idea is that it has a directed audience and clear use, although I’m not sure how I will use energy transfer in this device yet.


Pros: Easy to find materials. Cons: Not sure if it includes energy transfer.


Pros: Really entertaining and interesting. Aesthetically pleasing. Cons: Complicated and time consuming, maybe I need to make a simpler version of it.


Pros: Doable and compared with the one above, this one is easier to make. Cons: Using paper for this project is not durable, so I will use cardboard for it.