Science Engineering Project Blogpost #4: Reflect and Share

This is my final product of this project, however, I was not able to show energy transfer with my device. I ran out of time to connect my motor with the battery and the switch, and without an energy source, my device cannot show energy transfer from stored electrical energy to kinetic energy. The device only has the shell but is missing its core to function as a whole.

I was successful in this project by learning something new such as making a device that uses my scientific knowledge and applying that to a real life project. I challenged myself in this project too, because I have never done engineering and this time I tried to learn about it and had fun doing it.

If I had one more week (2 more work periods) to finish this project, I would first connect the motors and wires on the bottom, because it’s not a hard job but it might take some time. Also, the top seems to be quite shaky and it looks like it would be even worse if I started the motor, so I might have to improve the stability of the entire device, which is crucial. If I had a lot of time, I could have made this project with wood, but that would have taken way too long for me to finish, so prototype one is good enough just to be made with cardboard.

Impact of this project:

Environmentally: Able to use recycled materials to make this device

Potential client/consumer: My original client and purpose was a gift to entertain my oldest sister’s baby from her aunt, so that when she grows up I can tell her that I made her a gift that she really enjoyed when she was a baby. Unfortunately I was not able to finish this project, but the process of this engineering project was incredibly fun and important, I learned so much from just a couple of work periods.