Author: Christina K

What you learn building a catapult

In this project, we planned our own catapult designs and used materials and tools to build a catapult that can fire consistently and stand on its own. The purpose of this project is to let us establish multiple abilities, such as the ability to design a product that looks professional, the ability to use tools in a design lab correctly… Read more →

Polymer Journal #4

Polymer Journal #4 by Christina As a group, we experienced the difficult time of coming up with a product to develop prototypes on, but after we had the idea, we quickly found a way to head and started finding our ideal polymer. Prototype #1 was our first attempt at making a cup stabilizer, which is also where we gained our… Read more →

Maggot Moon – Silenced Men

“I asked too many questions, and that’s when they silenced me.” (Gardner 197). This is the quote that built up the main thematic statement of the book Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner, whoever seeks for the truth will silenced. I drew this drawing to display what characters in Maggot Moon has been through and other possibilities that they will be… Read more →

Polymer Journal #3

Describing Our Polymer  We are making a cup holder/stabilizer that can keep a cup in place when being pushed and can help insulate heat when holding the cup.   We want the Physical Properties to include: Aesthetically pleasing Sticky Smooth Clean No odor Transparent   Our Plan to Develop our Prototype *Prototype = sample or model    1st we will…… Read more →