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Maggot Moon – Silenced Men

“I asked too many questions, and that’s when they silenced me.” (Gardner 197). This is the quote that built up the main thematic statement of the book Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner, whoever seeks for the truth will silenced. I drew this drawing to display what characters in Maggot Moon has been through and other possibilities that they will be… Read more →

Paper Towns – Our Journey

The book “Paper Towns” by John Green starts with the main character Quentin’s first person recount of his childhood friend and neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman. The plot shifts with the rising action of Margo climbing through the windows of Quentin’s second floor bedroom on a school night. Margo asked Quentin to drive her around Orlando, revenging on her boyfriend and… Read more →

The American Revolution in Plain English

Not every revolution can make a crucial change or make improvements in a country. In the American revolution, a great amount of problems remained the same. White men still ruled and dominated the country, slaves and the lower class did not gain more rights to vote, and their life styles are still the same way. However, the thought of independence… Read more →

Journal Entry 3 – Alexander

           August 25, 1939 They Caught My Son Something unpredicted happened two weeks ago. It’s something that I knew would happen, easy to predict from what has been happening to others lately. I couldn’t shake off that dark, cold, and wet feeling off the back of my head. But now that it’s happened, it doesn’t matter anymore. Yuri didn’t come… Read more →