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Blogpost #4 – Reflect and Share

Reflect and Share

Those could all be taken as my final products, but just as different versions of it. If I had time or another chance in creating this, I would create it with light medal and don’t use adhesives to connect the fan and lantern. Maybe that would create less friction between objects and easier for heat energy to power. Heat energy is a powerful energy type, but not against powering large friction. Same with all energy types, friction could result in an almost impossible condition to power. However, I truly enjoyed the process of this project. Especially the building and creating stage, I was exceptionally successful building according to my model and even made changes to improve it. But possibly, I didn’t think carefully enough before the building stage. If I thought carefully and thoroughly about the elements that blocks the lantern from spinning. My improved design could possibly work. If this product became available to the world, it would make our society a much beautiful and cultured place. The design on the lantern could include many different ideas and values. It is not only a decoration, but could also be a powerful influential technique.

Blogpost #3 – Create and Improve

Create and Improve

I started the building with a smaller model but with the same materials and design. Because the lantern being to big and heavy may cause it hardly spinning in result with the huge friction and the heavy material. It may be hard for a heat source like candles to power it and spin it.

Starting the build, I used wood on the base, 4 columns on the 4 corners. And 4 pieces of wooden stick connecting to the middle and connected to a wire that hung the lantern. Inside the lantern, I chose a fairly light substance: card board to make the fan. And it is glued to all sides of the lantern and together, they will be powered and spun. The candle will be placed in the middle of the lantern, and here is a photo of the model:

Mentioned in previous blogs, this building idea is based on this photo/lantern/lamp:

During the building, it was generally successful. I had a hard time however, deciding the materials and adhesives I will use. Because it has to allow the lantern to work successfully. Meanwhile, the mechanics of the lantern and how it would all fit together was easy and successfully put together just as my design sheet showed, regardless of the trials taken later on.

Prototype 1

My first prototype done was similarly crafted as my initial design.  But with 2 layers on the lantern. One for heat protection, protecting the outer layer from being burnt, and the outer layer for decorations. However, for the testing and prototypes, the physical appearance of the model was not yet completed.

 Testing results

The prototype did not work at all. Before the testing, I tried blowing it, wind energy does work, but heat however, does not. There are 2 possible reasons of why it might’ve not worked. 1. The pieces of card boards, papers and the foil was probably to heavy. 2. The heat energy was not concentrated enough to make it spin. In other words, the heat dissolved in the air before heating up the lantern.

For prototype 2, I took the assumption that the heat wasn’t concentrated enough, because I can feel the heat near it, but not as much on top of the lantern.

Prototype 2

Even though plastic is a possible substance that may be dissolved when heat energy is powered, taking the premise, it should be transparent. Therefore, I chose transparent pieces of plastic and glued it on to the model (this is the first try out of having plastic over, not the one with plastic glued on):

It also didn’t work, and it does not provide a safe environment. 1. Hard to input heat source and not touching other sides (even when gluing them). 2. It is still known that plastic could dissolve by heat. Therefore, it is not a valid solution. I next, tried taking of the paper and the plastic cover. Maybe it will become safer and lighter to be powered. However, it lost it’s decorative property.

Prototype 3

The problem wasn’t that it was to heavy.

It is that the friction between the lantern and its wire is to big, compared to the heat energy, it is almost impossible to spin.

These are all the three prototypes I created, I was working on a fan made with light pieces of medal, that may result a smaller friction possibly able to be powered. However, I ran out of time for my project.

Blogpost#2: Model

After the first blog, I decided to use my first idea. The Revolving lantern.



Plan for future periods:

Thursday: start creating prototype 1

Monday: Finish prototype 1, test

Wednesday: Create improved prototype 2

Friday: test + improve prototype 2 to final product

Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

This engineering project focuses on the topic of energy converting. The goal is to create a toy or a tool that could be used in real life circumstances.

What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)

Toy – revolving scene lantern 走马灯

Often seen as a representation of Chinese culture and represent the meaning of happiness and joy. A candle could cause the slanted pieces on the top of the lantern to rotate therefore spinning the lantern. In this project, I can change the fire to light energy being converted to kinetic energy. Still working the same way as the revolving lantern. On the lantern, different drawings and crafting will be displayed to the people.

Heat energy — Kinetic energy

Function and appearance: The lantern it self is an aesthetically appealing tool + toy. It celebrates its culture with it’s different drawings and crafting on its outer layer and spins for more parts of the lantern to be presented.

Purpose: Its purpose is to be created as a better form of lantern that could be used in many conditions. Its purpose is mainly just for decoration.

Original and creativity: During the process of crafting, it will be different from what people now use. It could also act as an efficient light. Meanwhile, it could be powered by multiple aspects. Not only heat energy. Other energy types could also converted in to kinetic energy. (ex. other type of heat energy thats not fire, and solar energy)

Environmental impact: The lantern could turn as long as the heat energy being converted remains as a higher temperature compared to the outer environment.

Durable and safety: It requires heat, not just fire, so if it requires high safety conditions, other energy such as solar/light energy could also work.



Thermo energy powered:


This lantern is good because of its physical appearance and its representation of happiness. Resolving scene lantern has been around years ago, however, people do not take notice of its art and drawings that are being rotated and display. They all script out a beautiful scene or neatly crafted images. Also, it would be able to spread culture and art around. However, this idea is not unique enough, it is an already existing product. Therefore, it will be necessary to modify it to a better design mean while adding in other elements that fits in a lantern.

Tool – Charger

In our world, electronics are a very important part of our lives. Which also means, electricity is indispensable. We have charging plots and portable chargers. However, speaking of a matter of fact all of those still by the end requires time to charge or refill the electricity. (charge portable charger, or leave electronics at a stable position for charging) This charger I will create is powered by kinetic energy where you spin a  grip and convert in to electric energy.

Kinetic energy — Electric energy

Function and appearance: This functions at a handy tool in order to charge phone devices. Meanwhile, the converter could be decorated on the outside with a flat surface.

Purpose: Its purpose is to make people easier when needing to charge.

Original and creativity: It is not actually being sold at a wide range because it requires people to turn the handle. Therefore, if this gets improved it will be a very good tool.

Environmental impact: It is environmental friendly and uses kinetic energy.

Durable and safety: It is safe and acts the same way as normal charger.




The idea of a charger for a phone powered by kinetic energy is a new and unique idea that has not been tried or created, and has not been widely spread. It makes a handy tool for daily usage. However, hand powering it might be unnecessary or physically tiering and boring. Therefore, it should be modified to make spinning the product easier or changing it so that it could automatically power. Maybe even adding in another energy type to reach the goal.

Passion Project – Reflection

Passion Project is a course giving me the chance of further deepening my understanding of Chinese painting. Over the course of the semester, I created meaningful and valuable work which could symbolize my research and passion I have put in to the course. For this project, I have created multiple forms of Chinese painting, not only the ones (four pieces) on Xuan paper, but also five drawings on plates that are small but exquisite. My inspiration of the project was because of my love to Chinese painting. However, just drawing pieces will not allow my understanding of Chinese painting get to a higher level. Therefore, I decided to do research of Chinese painting in Song dynasty which is the period where Chinese painting of Huaniao genre was the most advanced. In the research stage, I did well in terms of information I went over/collected. I have red over 15 pieces of college papers referring to Song dynasty Chinese painting in different aspects. And for further development of the research stage, I took a trip to the Tsinghua Art Museum to find the artworks that were kept protected and are valued. Those were the basic parts in which had formed my whole essay. My essay was another part of my project. Even though it might be boring if it is considered as “passion” project, but it is one of the most efficient way of communicating my ideas to the intended audience and spread Chinese painting and Chinese culture to more people.

  • Challenging moments

There were parts that were challenging for me during the whole process. First of all, the overall problem – time management. Many of my blog posts were lately posted and some of my work did not follow the plan that I created. It is the most challenging issue. In terms of moments, I felt challenging was when I was planning on the topic of the essay and when I started writing the essay. Because of the massive amount of data I collected and read about, when I was planning my topic and every chapters, I felt extremely lost of what my main thesis was to focus on. However, by overcoming this problem, it also sparked my learning  of problem solving skill. After overcoming the stating of chapters, the starting of the writing was also a challenge. Similar condition to when I was planning, the overflowing of information made me lost even though the topics were already decided. Also, the unfamiliarity to the techniques used in writing made me confused and lost of how I am supposed to craft the essay.

  • Learning moments and learnt information

To me, learning is the state of overcoming problems. During the process, I’ve overcame issues and conditions I’ve never faced. For example, even though its my first time I’ve ever crafted an essay focusing on Chinese painting and with such a deep research level, I still managed to plan out a whole process and write out my thesis, and topics I am going to focus on. Later on my school experience, this learning moment would enable me to actively and effectively solve problems never encountered. This also developed my essay crafting skill. Additionally from this project, of course, during this period, my understanding of Chinese painting in the Song dynasty has deepened a lot. Also, by connecting it to the modern days Chinese painting, I was able to blend them together for the improvement of my own skill.

  • Real world situation and problem

Chinese painting might not be a familiar idea to people, but it is a very large part of me. More importantly, a part of Chinese culture. People now a days often question the need of culture and its use. True, not all cultures are available for improving the society or making the society run better. But it is the representation of a whole country/area, or sometimes even a whole race. It represents the honorable spirit and essence. It deeply affects the way people interact in the modern days. People need to know and honor the existence of preserved culture. And Chinese painting is a main part of Chinese culture. I am not necessarily trying to tell other people to like the culture. But at-least it is necessary for me to promote the cultures and the artwork I honor that deeply affected me.


Passion Project – Final Product




Passion Project Blog – Create and Improve #7

During this week, I finished the last part of my writing. (Other half) Which includes four short chapter in comparison to the first two. However, the four chapters include the different styles of art and the impact of Chinese painting to modern society and the modern Chinese painting and a final conclusion.

Apart from the research based writing, I included other parts of contents as well. Because during this time period of my project, I also did create my own paintings. So I wrote a section referring to the things I learnt and the things I reflected on. It is an useful reflection in terms of the project and my own drawings.

Finished project…

Passion Project Blog – Create and Improve #6

During this week, I reread over the important articles that includes the information needed for my writing. Meanwhile, when rereading it, I started writing in my own words.(Written in Chinese) I finished the abstract and the first chapter as a content. (second chapter) The first abstract includes an overview of the whole article. The second chapters focuses on 5 different kinds of Chinese painting in Song dynasty and how they developed.

This is all the writing and work I did during the week.

Passion Project Blog – Create and Improve #5

During this week, I created 4 pieces of work: two pieces of Huaniao, two pieces of calligraphy.

Two pieces of Huaniao includes one piece of Meihua (plum blossom) and one piece of grape. They are two pieces under Huaniao. In Song, there is a style of drawing where every kind of plant represents one kind of personality or trait that someone has. For example, one piece that I did was Meihua (plum blossom), and it represented indomitable. In ancient China, it is one of the most common type of flower used in the creation of a piece of artwork.

I also did two pieces of calligraphy. Because in Song, one type of drawing is called mogu. Directly translating it, it means the bones being covered up. People always refer it to the work of calligraphy because of its stylish type and perfect combination of lines and paint which made it extremely refined compared to its past dynasties.


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