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Revolutionary Voices Journal – AR

This a revolutionary voice journal, it narrates the major turning points throughout American Revolution with the perspective of the colonists. The three turning points include the Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party, and the Treaty of Paris. Before the journal entry, we did weeks of research on the American Revolution identifying major turning points and cause and effect. Throughout this journal entry based on primary resources, I learned how colonists felt during the revolution and dug deep into the internal conflict. Hope you enjoy the journal.

American Revolution in Simple English

If you are interested in American Revolution and was looking for a video, this might be helpful. Over the past few weeks, we researched and learned about the American Revolution. We researched from reliable sources including Thoughtco website, textbooks, and many other sources. We identified turning points, cause and effect, and different aspects including the colonist’s perspective, and British perspective about this event. Then we created a common craft video explaining the major turning points during the American Revolution and how it shaped the final result of the resolution. We hope you enjoy the video.



Nonfiction Blog Task – The Double Helix

Nonfiction Blog – The Double Helix


Many things we use nowadays were once undiscovered, electronic devices, transportation, and buildings, these were all new discovery. One of the most important aspects of discovery is knowledge, which includes science. In the book The Double Helix, it narrates in a personal aspect from James D. Watson of the discovery of DNA. Starting from the entrance to Cambridge University, then to work with Crick, then to finding DNA structure. It showed the theme of new discovery never comes without hard working and multiple attempts including failures. Another theme is that in the nineteen hundreds, women scientists did not get recognized by people, and were often limited to things that were easy and simple.


During the process, there were many steps that led to the discovery of DNA, it includes gathering basic data, creating a hypothesis, analyzing them, and finally, there is the result. From our knowledge today we know that DNA is a double helix structure (DNA: more info.), but back then, they didn’t know anything about DNA, during the step of hypothesis with the help of Rosalind, they thought the DNA structure was a three-sided helix. But with the collaboration and teamwork with Crick, eventually, they had found out how DNA is structured and how it works. While being proved correct. They worked collaboratively and fixing minor mistakes over and over again. It is hard to find out something that you don’t know, therefore, multiple attempts were taken over and over again to reach the actual structure. “Our spirits slowly went up, for it Pauling had found a really exciting answer the secret could not be kept long.” To Watson and Crick, or maybe more scientist in the same area, Pauling was a really strong competitor, because of an A – helical structure that he published. Pauling was the motive that made Crick and Watson work harder with more efficiency. The time they published their results, they were still afraid that something was wrong.


The other theme is about Rosalind Franklin, she was an extremely intelligent scientist, in Watson’s account during the discovery, much helpful information had been collected from Rosaland’s report. Also, she helped Watson in the discovery of DNA. But she wanted to do her research on actual biology topics, but Maurice had been negative about that, “slowly and precisely he detailed how, in spite of much elaborate crystallographic analysis, little real progress had been made by Rosy since the day she arrived at Kings.” Complaining how she did not do the tasks that Maurice wanted her to focus on. Also, later when this book Double Helix was published, people did not recognize her work in discovering DNA just because of the thought that women should not be doing lab and science. (More about her)


Even though The Double Helix was a book written in a personal account, but it still showed clear themes that caused them in the success of discovering DNA. It was the hard working and collaboration skills that pursued there goal.


Site for quotes

Watson, James D. The double helix: a personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNA. Phoenix, 2011.


“What Is DNA? – Genetics Home Reference.” U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health,

“Rosalind Franklin.”, A&E Networks Television, 27 Feb. 2018,

Substance Abuse and Body Image

People wanting to change body image may use drug substances that may cause weight loss. But it is also dangerous for your body. Dangers of using substances to alter body shape may cause many different side effects such as: heart disease and problems, overheated, high blood pressure, confusion in mind, depression, suicidal thoughts, and even sudden death. Such as the drug – Ephedrine. Many used it for weight loss, but the truth is that it blocks your feeling towards hunger. It causes heart problems and strokes. If you cared about your body image and trying to look better in body shape, it is better to eat healthier and exercise more.

Independent reading task – resolution

Independent Reading Task – Written #4: explain a theme. SPOILER ALERT!!!


I chose the book Animal Farm as the book independent reading blog. I will focus on the theme of the book Animal Farm.


Humans? Two legs? They are bad. We the animals have the duty of rebellion. We will have to defeat all human beings. Why? They only give us small amount of ration. Also, they don’t produce milk as the cows do, they don’t give eggs as the ducks and the chicken, they don’t produce wools like the sheep do. What do humans do?


The conflict of this novel to me is human vs. society, normally, people may think it is either a conflict between the animals and humans or the conflict between Snowball and Napoleon. But, to me, it is about a novel illustrating the conflict between animals and the community or the conflict between Napoleon and the human community. Because, the fact that the theme is about how the animals started as seeing human as “bad” then eventually finding out that humans are somewhat better then them starting from the beginning. To me, it’s mostly illustrating Napoleon as someone who desires control of power overtaken the community by placing Snowball in to a guilty position. Additionally, how he had reacted and advanced the community in to a place where there are no longer differences between them and human beings. The author George Orwell had compared the Animal Farm to society in the reality world. Therefore, to me, Animal Farm is illustrating a conflict of human vs. society.


“Four legs good, two legs bad.” Pigs, goats, sheep, cows, dog, cat, horses, and birds. Every “animals” in the farm, obeys the same “religion” Animalism, same commandments. (exceptions: Mollie) As many societies work in the world, that is how “Animal Farm” works, “Animal Farm” is a representation of a small society. Pigs, representing the “leader” with not absolute power, but with persuasive speech. “Two legs” has belief, so do the animal. “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. And remember also that in fighting against Man, we must not come to resemble him.” However, as the farm develops, there “commandment” changed. “Four legs good, two legs better.” The commandments/guidelines were only left with one as the community develops: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal then others.”



First of all, why did the commandments change? As the community develops, animals started to realize that things started to look alike with the human beings. Not only the surrounding infrastructure, but also their behavior. Starting from growing agriculture, to building a windmill, then to clothing. They changed completely heading to the word of “efficiency” and “technology”. By noticing the truth of heading towards the behavior of humans they had admitted that humans were “better” in the beginning. Thus, restoring the name Manor Farm. But how did it change? As the small community/society Napoleon and Snowball (the two most respected) have been arguing about many decisions made in the society. As the conflict gets bigger, the community broke up in to two parts. One part “following” Napoleon, who wanted to have absolute power. One part “following Snowball, who wanted to improve the community. Napoleon however, when the windmill had collapsed, he had used Snowball as a scapegoat. Napoleon killing animals with his dogs that he thinks used to be “allies” with Snowball. Further developing the farm with only animals following him. As time goes further development of technology and the behavior of humans made them realized they cannot distinguish differences between them and humans.


This representation of Animal Farm is fairly common in the past. For example, one someone started as an innocent hearted person, trying to improve the society and over through the “bad” government. Yes, that person may have success, but what really came out is that selfishness and greediness over took his heart. He or she may had used dirty tricks to take over who used to be friends or even family with him or her. He or she may had realized that he or she had turned in the the former government. The pure heart with integrity was gone, with nothing but power with guiltiness was what was usually left in reality. In the novel Animal Farm, Napoleon is the “he” in the representation, with animals following him. Instead, in the book, he may not feel guiltiness for how he “executed” boxer. Also, yes, the “government” in the book referring to Jones was “bad”, not doing the duty of a farmer. Thus, the animals with the leader of Napoleon, may not be the “bad former government” but the type of animals they would look down upon at the start of the revolution. I also find another representation: When people don’t see an event clearly, they will think in a way that is most reasonable to them. For example: in the resolution of Animal Farm, they admit that human beings are better. In the beginning, when Jones had treated them bad, the only thought that took over their mind is the dream of Old Major – revolution. Humans are described as bad to their thought. But at that time, they will never know that as time goes, they will not be able to distinguish between their selves and humans. One they took over power, what was left in their mind was only to make the farm a better place with higher product produced. But they saw the intelligence of human beings as the enemy who took over their freedoms, instead of the guidelines that helped the farm run. It is reasonable for them to think like that. But eventually, Jones place is taken over by Napoleon. Not how the farm worked, but the absolute power Napoleon had. Even though the guideline says all animals are equal, but the fact Napoleon had the “highest power” in the farm was clear to every one.



Over all, the book Animal Farm refers a situation in real society and how “people” may react/solve the problem.





Boxer Rebellion Map

Independent Reading task


Journal entry – Ship breaker       Rising action/Climax


My journal entry task is based on the book Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi. This book has two climax. One of them is the escape of Nailer (Nailers job ship breaker), the second one is when Nailer is saving Nita. I included diary of the protagonist – Nailer for the first climax. I started his entry from the enormous storm occurred. That could be identified as a foreshadowing of an event that is going to occur. Leading to the wrecked clipper boat. Then I included details about how Nailer thinks about Nita, the lucky girl when he is reflecting the day. Then going through rising action which includes when his father had found the clipper boat. Also I had added some feelings and emotions Nailer had about the other characters. Later in the journal entry, I described the climax. Which is when Nailer, Tool ((He is a half-man) and Nita had escaped by train until when they found Nita missing.


I’ve written my journal entry task with a first person view. But because the book Ship Breaker was written in third person view, I had added some feelings to the experiences of Nailer. The conflict of this book is person vs. person. Narrating the conflict between Nailer and his father. Nailer had started as a light crew worker. He has been in an accident (dropped in to oil). One of the light crews who work together with him had found Nailer in an accident. But had not tell the rest of the light crew that he was in trouble. Later, when Nailer got saved, she was punished. Nailer hated that kind of person, who was jealous of fame, greedy, and selfish. Later in the story the conflict could have changed in to person vs. self. What made it person vs. self is the thought of him self turning more selfish, valuing money as everything. This also makes one of the theme wealthiness. Speaking of theme this novel could also be related to drugs ( Nailers father) effects on families and people around.



Grade 8 Mentoring Trip 2017

In our grade 8 mentoring trip, we went to the Via Ferrata in Shimenshan near Beijing. We did rock climbing on a mountain on the first day. It was fun but pretty tiring. During the second day, we did raft building. Our goal was to build rafts that was strong enough for our whole group. But in fact, our raft wasn’t strong enough and was under the water the whole time.

Reflecting on our mentoring trip, i feel that we had improved a lot on our collaboration skills, that was shown the time when we build a raft as a group. We had to carry bamboos together, we had to discuss together, therefore collaboration skills appeared to be a strength i identified during the trip. One of my weakness in the trip is that i hate getting dirty, so during the raft building, i had tried to not get wet. But it turns out impossible to be dry. Over all, the grade 8 mentoring trip was good, fun, and enjoyable.

Exposition task



Recently, mysterious man called Jose Angelico has been captured by the police, the only clue was a leather bag that had been thrown in the trash can by accident.


Raphael Fernández is a boy living at a dumpsite in Philippians. His parents both past away before he could even remember. He grew up with his auntie and his cousin Gardo. To further information Gardo and Raphael are born on the same day, and were best friends. They seem to be the most suspicion.


According to the information police gathered, the bag was sent to an urban area in Philippians. (Dumpsite). An eleven years old boy named Raphael Fernández in the dumpsite was suspected because of his aunties unusualness of action, also one of his friend called Gardo seemed to know the situation. Raphael Fernández has been questioned about the bag, but all he’d answer is that he found 1100 peso. According to the polices’ infer, the 1100 peso must be the peso in the leather bag. The boy didn’t respond in any useful way.


The polices are now taking further action in order to solve the mystery of Jose Angelico, and before that, the bag is a valid clue leading to the problem.




Raphael is the protagonist of the book Trash. He lived in a urban area. A dumpsite where people pick trash daily to survive. It was dark there, hunger and disease could be found everywhere.

He desires money so badly that he could even take risks on his life. In Raphael’s perspective, he had found the leather bag with 1100 pesos and an ID card in there, but was told that everyone could get a thousand pesos if anyone finds it. Raphael took risks. “Why can’t a thousand pesos go in to two ?” He did not know the importance of the leather bag. The ID card belonged to Jose Angelico. He had wondered if they could find out what happened to Jose that the police is finding him. Raphael and Gardo did research on him, they lied to there teacher, they didn’t say anything to theparents. They made their own decision. Later on, that even caused the fact that Raphael going to the police station. Raphael’s personality could be described as “smart”, he knew that if the police would pay people 1000 pesos each when they don’t even know whats inside, why cant it increase? His closest friend, Gardo, could also be identified as a protagonist. Gardo was Raphaels best friend, he is really direct, and serious comparing to the other kids. But both Raphael and Gardo in common, is that they are highly affected by the environment they live in.

The conflict of the book Trash by Andy Mulligan could be identified in two different way. The book is organized in a way which many of the character gets to “tell the story” from their perspective. Because of his unique way of writing, it could be identified as person vs. self. There are many internal thoughts that was written down in the novel. That made the perspective more “personalized”. The second way is which most novel involve, which is person vs. person. It is identified clearly in the novel that its the conflict between Raphael and the police. Since my choice was to do a fake news article, I wrote my news in the polices’ perspective which in the book, appears to be the antagonist. That caused the news paper to have less information comparing to the protagonist’s perspective. “Doing research on school project.” Said Gardo, in fact, they even lied to Olivia, who is the teacher of the school in the dumpsite. The conflict created a anxious mood to the protagonist over the novel. It made the novel more realistic with the nervous feeling covering the novel.

In my fake news article, it reflects on how the police see this case of Jose Angelico and the information they have in hand. Over all, this represents the information the police gathered together.



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Found Poem


I’d like to go to India,

Said the old man.

To look round a bit,


Sergeant Major shaking his head,

Put down the empty glass,

And shook his head again.


I’d like to see,

Those old temples,


And jugglers.


Continued Mr. White,

What was about the monkey’s paw?



Nothing worth hearing.


Monkey’s paw?


It’s just a bit of what you might call magic.


It’s just an ordinary little paw.

Sergeant Major Morris taking it from his pocket.

Mrs. White moved back,

With a disgusted look.



Her son

Examined it curiously.


A spell…

Three man…

Three wishes…


My found poem captures the theme of the short story “The Monkey’s Paw” from William W. Jacobs. I take out words and phrases from the 12th  paragraph to the 25th paragraph to form my short poem. It shows the theme of the “Monkey’s Paw”. ( 2nd page)


The words I chose all worked together in order to show the beginning of the conflict. From the little wish of traveling, and looking around to the will of seeing those jugglers, fakir, and the old temples, those were all represented to show the imagery of the place where they are having a conversation. Later on in the poem it had jumped right in to the question of the monkey’s paw. After the calm feeling in the conversation, the imagery had turned in to an odd feeling of the people near by. I picked out words that shows the reaction when people noticed about the monkeys paw. Later on I used fewer words to end up the poem, so it leaves a mysterious feeling to the reader.


Additionally I worked these words out to show the theme. My found poem started in a calm and relaxed tune. And as it goes on through out the poem, the tune had slowly transferred in to an anxious atmosphere. It had created  a tune that matches in the short story.

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