A Story Of Climate Change


Throughout the capstone project, I’ve learned various information about climate change and how it can affect human society. A large population of Chinese citizens thinks that it is the government’s responsibility to change their environment. Yet they are not aware of the damage they are causing to their own society. I’ve contributed by informing our community of our misconception. My opinions towards the government have changed as they are trying to find solutions to prevent farther damage. During the process, I have opened up to the people that I survey for. To find out useful information, I am more acceptable to refusals. I would spend more time on organizing my paragraphs if I would do it again. For the 8th Graders that are doing this next year, choose a topic that you are actually interested in so you put in the effort to research and propose a skillful piece of writing to your teachers.

Building Up To A Capstone


The topic I would like to focus on was the planet area. I want to spend my time on global warming and how the effects can affect our own species or our life on earth. Many people denounce the issue and reject the idea of such topic, but the are many dangers that we may face. If we don’t let out the truth and the extinction we might encounter if we don’t slow down the process and show people a way to be a part of the cause.

My research question is what are possible solutions for society to combat global warming?

To be able to start researching without know where to start is always difficult as well as troubles filtering out unnecessary information and relevant information. Also, it is a little daunting to have such a wide variety of information and the need to gather all of it and make a five paragraph essay about it.

I hope to bring awareness and more information towards the effects of global warming and how some results are actually causing change. The unique power of knowledge and knowing can set people’s differences aside and work together for a unique goal. Stephen Hawkings said our time on earth will last for only another 100 years. If that has any truth upon it, then we need to find a way to at least slow down the process and improve our environment.

The message I hope to bring out is the facts and bringing people together to inspire people to take actions that would accumulate towards a bigger cause. There are plenty of small things such as watching your electricity usage that can have a benefit to our society. But it is up to us to properly set ourselves for a future.

I would like feedbacks that would narrow my research topic and possibly make a more sophisticated point. I want to know whether this is a good research topic and have benefits to my peers and the community.

Downfall of the French Nobility

A year before the revolution started, I gifted myself to the face of death. I, Abel Luthier, had nothing left to give. My arms cooked under the burning sun. As if I was a meal to the world. The royal family Louis left a scar on our modern day France. My 45 years in limbo has forsaken my courage. My dry skin crumbled before the eyes of the monarch. On the farmland, we shrieked and pleaded for mercy. However, our tears did not shake the heart of the king.


Throughout my life, the majority of my days were static, but these couple years of my life was all too dynamic. But all the events that had led up to this point, we still elected a dictator for our nation. Robespierre was no different than the monarch we had. Authority was distributed more from the declaration of rights of men, and the massive lifting was lightened from our shoulders. The taille was distributed more evenly. I was more hopeful-Meaning towards my country and our community. The old regime, inefficient and radical, was abolished. However, a new idea of enlightenment was adopted.

C’est la Révolution Française En Anglais

The video was about how the Third Estate fought and overthrew their monarch in King Louis XVI. Before the revolution, France funded the American Revolution, adding more debt to their country as King Louis XVI demand more tax payment from the Third Estate. The complete control of power from the monarchy left the people useless as their only purpose was to pay tax. As years drew on, people became impatient towards the progress the King is making. Distinct turning points led to the Kings death and a new leader. This is the French Revolution in plain english.

A Race For The Ultimate Prize


              We all have a dream. A dream which differs from each individual. Dreams are our reality in waiting. Excitably waiting for our arrival. But do we recognize the process and experience a person needs to go through to even obtain such a miraculous reality? “We tell people to follow their dreams, but you can only dream of what you can imagine, and, depending on where you come from, your imagination can be quite limited.” Circumstances mold our existence within the society. However, they also limit us from greater achievements. Nevertheless, it could also shape our growth. Apartheid built a barrier which limited each individual’s knowledge. Apartheid established a barrier between communities and affected many South Africans. Which limited their potentials. Throughout the text in Born a Crime, the central idea of this book was apartheid and how it affected South Africans during their life.

Apartheid enabled many communities to steer into a life of misdemeanor. This social system brought many negative effects to the nation. As Trevor lived in the ghetto part of Alex, he states, ‘“The hood made me realize that crime succeeds because crime does the one thing the government doesn’t do: crime cares. Crime is grassroots. Crime looks for the young kids who need support and a lifting hand. Crime offers internship programs and summer jobs and opportunities for advancement. Crime gets involved in the community. Crime doesn’t discriminate”’ (Noah 209). Due to the text, we can analyze that apartheid did not incorporate positive aspects as it brings in more crime from its racial segregation. Apartheid encourages more crime and corruption because the citizens are not supplied with opportunities by their government and their country. Consequently, they had to devote in a life of crime and a life behind bars. As communities living in poverty they supply themselves with other opportunities.  Poverty and racism in South Africa brought many individuals to shift their mindset towards crime. Crime also coordinates under the cracks of the laws. The autobiography also suggests that law and authority derail a human beings belief. When Trevor was arrested, he mentions, ‘”The more time I spent in jail, I realized law is a lottery. What color is your skin? How much money do you have? Who’s your lawyer?”‘(258).  This quote also proves the point that racism derails people’s lives. By making law a lottery, we see that there are many variables that goes into how you are treated by the authority. Having to chose another route for survival, they set to chase a life of crime. When the people in charge suppresses the population, some South Africans will find other opportunities. But many times, they involve crime. Apartheid, silent and deadly, watched South Africa plunge into a spot of no return. Damaging life and relationships, apartheid differentiates others and sets barriers to prevent farther interactions. We receive the message throughout the autobiography in which the effects of apartheid impaired relationships. Time was one of the most significant foundation to a good relationship. But it was taken away: ‘“Relationships are built in the silences. You spend time with people, you observe them and interact with them, and you come to know them—and that is what apartheid stole from us: time”’ (185). Time is something we use to learn. Observing and spectating, we spend time to learn more about others. But time was taken away. As the author stated, we need to interact with others to build a relationship between them. But how do we achieve this if it was against the law? Trevor never had the opportunity to take time and build up a relationship between his dad because they were not the same race. This barrier affects many generations and their perspective on other races. There is no time to do so since apartheid had seized it. Creating an endless cycle of hatred among the races. Apartheid makes you wonder if your community is worth while for the others. Some of us nor like or dislike a subject or object. But Apartheid makes you choose sides. Trevor Noah tells us that you will struggle knowing if you should pick good or evil:”‘…you struggle with the notion that you can love a person you hate, or hate a person you love. It’s a strange feeling. You want to live in a world where someone is good or bad, where you either love or hate them”‘ (159). The evidence preserves the idea that there is no good or bad. Nevertheless, living in South Africa you will naturally choose a side. Tribe members will hate each other because of their differences in skin color, disregarding the similarities. South Africans get use to this act and will embrace it which will ultimately bring the entire community down.

Progressing through the emotional story of Trevor Noah, we realize that specifics matters were effected during and following apartheid. This autobiography gives us an insightful perspective to the situation. Circumstances shape of life and who we want to admire. Apartheid was as capital punishment, set on anyone with the wrong skin color. Apartheid is similar to a predator, preying on its food, silently staring you down until you make a mistake. It steered people to encourage misdemeanor, impaired the relationships between family and community. Preserving the thought in which they are more superior than others. This is not a way to live life. Their were some that escaped the ghetto, but their were many that did not know you could escape.

OneDay GO-Kart Project

Specific: A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. To set a specific goal you must answer the six “W” questions:

*What:     What do I want to accomplish?

*Which:    Identify requirements and constraints.

  • Tire temperature. Speed of other players that might counter act your lap time

*Why:      Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal.

  • I want to do this to see whether I am able to set a decent lap time and giving me a number to improve on.

Your Specific One Day Go Karting Goal that is Attainable and Realistic below:

I want to set a lap time that can be achievable but fast. Learn to use late and early apex as well as learning cut back and defensive line.


Day One: We started the day by looking at what we should set our goals for OneDay. We tried to communicate with other students to understand what a more realistic goal could be set but also reached.

Day Two: We refined our goal to make it easy but still challenging and thought about how we’re going to collect the data and make / record them.

Day Three: The final class before OneDay. I settled on my plan and begin to set all the equipments. This is to make sure that I am all set to go on OneDay.

Indoor Track

On OneDay we set to the track and start to practice our driving skills. My goal was to get a good lap time using different methods and techniques to improve my time.

My first round lap time on the track was  41.808 which was significantly slower than the others with 36s and 34s. The reason for this was becuase of my throttle control while I was steering into the corner. I wasn’t letting off the gas petal and used the brakes too often which can lock up the wheels and cause the driver to spin out. This was the first time I was ever on the track so implementing the strategies onto the track is drastically more different than the expectation.

My second round had more of an improvement with 38.070 becuase I was more aggressive on the throttle and let off earlier to let the kart turn into the corner with more control and speed rather than sliding out. I also learning to go wider in the straights to gain more momentum as I turn into a corner to get a straighter exit. Letting off before turning into a corner, I was able go much faster, consequently it brought more speed into the next corner.

My last round-also my best lap- was the round I attempted to insert all the techniques I learned and put them into use. Being aggressive on the throttle and not use the brakes as much is definitely effecting my lap time. Driving with Mr. Jeng and all the other fast drivers encouraged me to push my skills and the car to its limits. Learning the racing line of other drivers in front of me guided me to a better line and strategy.


On OneDay, I think my goal was achieved because I successfully used the time that I had to reach my desired goal. I was able to learn the late apex on the U-turns, driving with control and sometimes defend my position so it would be harder for other drivers to pass me. Driving at 40km doesn’t seem very fast. But when you include the fact that you have no barrier between yourself and the wind. Your hands shivering from the wind passing by your fingers. Your body shifting from the tight corners of the track.