Science and Engineering Project Reflect and Make an Impact

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a video to prove the device’s ability to produce electricity; however, this device can make an impact by being placed onto boats to generate electricity to the battery as the water propels the motors to create electricity. The project taught me how to think creatively towards regular objects and use them for different purposes. The design could be more thought through as well as the size and efficiency of the device. The device transfers and transforms energy by transferring the kinetic energy of the water to the wheel which spins to create electrical energy in the motor, this energy transfer gives an object the required electricity to be powered and function.

Science and Engineering Project Create and Improve





Throughout the process of creating the hydroelectric device, I started by placing a cog onto the motor, the idea was to hot glue and secure small plastic spoons to be used as a wheel that turns by using the motion of the flowing water.  The way to attach the motor was to place a rectangular cut on the PVC pipe which will allow entry to the center of the pipe for the flowing water. Afterward, a plastic rectangular plate will be placed on the side of the opening to hot glue the motor into place; however, throughout the process of creating the wheel, I found that using pop stickle sticks are more effective and easier to place/ glue to the cog.



Science and Engineering Project Planning and Prototyping



A 60.32mm diameter PVC pipe

20 cm rubber hose

50 by 50 cm plastic tank

One hand crank flashlight power generator

Plastic circular discs

hot glue

Class Plan for:

Wednesday: Start assembling the prototype by drilling a 45-degree hole in the PVC pipe and inserting the smaller pipe into it. Afterward, start to mount and create the motor, while taking pictures as evidence

Tuesday: Test prototype No. 1 and continue to assemble the prototype and reflect on the blog post to continue the process of creating and prototyping

Thursday: Finalize prototype review on the blog

Science Engineering Project Define & Inquiry

The task was to create a device that converts/transfers energy/renewable energy or a device used to learn physics.

Some possible projects may be related to mechanical, electric/electrostatic, and heat energies.

Interesting ideas include devices that go through multiple energy conversions. Using this circular design, I can create a turbine that acts as a different hydroelectric dam. By turning this blade, you can generate an electric charge. I can insert multiple blades with to increase the amount of electricity generated.

The pros of this idea could be the benefits of this creation since it is able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Another pro is the number of turbines you can put into a single pipe, this results in a larger amount of energy generated. Compared to the traditional hydroelectrical dam, the new version can be smaller since it has more turbines to compensate for the size of the dam. A con for the design could be the cost to make this dam. Additionally, I am unsure about the efficiency of the dam as well as the consistency of the dam.

A Story Of Climate Change


Throughout the capstone project, I’ve learned various information about climate change and how it can affect human society. A large population of Chinese citizens thinks that it is the government’s responsibility to change their environment. Yet they are not aware of the damage they are causing to their own society. I’ve contributed by informing our community of our misconception. My opinions towards the government have changed as they are trying to find solutions to prevent farther damage. During the process, I have opened up to the people that I survey for. To find out useful information, I am more acceptable to refusals. I would spend more time on organizing my paragraphs if I would do it again. For the 8th Graders that are doing this next year, choose a topic that you are actually interested in so you put in the effort to research and propose a skillful piece of writing to your teachers.

Building Up To A Capstone


The topic I would like to focus on was the planet area. I want to spend my time on global warming and how the effects can affect our own species or our life on earth. Many people denounce the issue and reject the idea of such topic, but the are many dangers that we may face. If we don’t let out the truth and the extinction we might encounter if we don’t slow down the process and show people a way to be a part of the cause.

My research question is what are possible solutions for society to combat global warming?

To be able to start researching without know where to start is always difficult as well as troubles filtering out unnecessary information and relevant information. Also, it is a little daunting to have such a wide variety of information and the need to gather all of it and make a five paragraph essay about it.

I hope to bring awareness and more information towards the effects of global warming and how some results are actually causing change. The unique power of knowledge and knowing can set people’s differences aside and work together for a unique goal. Stephen Hawkings said our time on earth will last for only another 100 years. If that has any truth upon it, then we need to find a way to at least slow down the process and improve our environment.

The message I hope to bring out is the facts and bringing people together to inspire people to take actions that would accumulate towards a bigger cause. There are plenty of small things such as watching your electricity usage that can have a benefit to our society. But it is up to us to properly set ourselves for a future.

I would like feedbacks that would narrow my research topic and possibly make a more sophisticated point. I want to know whether this is a good research topic and have benefits to my peers and the community.