McDonald’s scrambles business when it switches to cage-free eggs

By Los Angeles Times, adapted by Newsela staff



McDonald’s have made a decision to switch to cage free eggs. A lot of animal rights supporters agree to this idea and said that this would make a big difference. But Ken Klippen, the head of the National Association of Egg Farmers agrees that the decision from McDonald’s is huge. But he’s not happy though. He thinks that letting the hens walk around can cause eggs to be unhealthy. Now, there’re 4 million hens living in a large space. But due to this decision, now eggs are more expensive because of the large space each hen has.


I think this is a good idea because hens actually have space to move around and stretch their legs. I think this can connect to animal rights. And also relates to my literature circle book, The One And Only Ivan. They are very lucky, not like Ivan, The gorilla in the book, which he was forced to be stuck in this domain and entertain the visitors coming by, and to be captured by humans. If I was in this book I would tell the governors to do something about it. Also when there’re stuck in a domain and was forced to do something. They won’t be able to see what’s going on out side and experience the nature. Animal right is a very important problem that everyone should be aware of and it can be a very big impact to the world.


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