Look At All These Pollution





A wasteland of litter is left of the world.

But there’re still politicians stating “No, pollution is not an issue”

Even though Earth is now coated with a grey blanket

our society obsess over the product that generates all this filth.

We can’t even walk outside without bearing our masks.

There used to be millions of wonders among the sky,

Now the wind rumbles like furious immortals.

The grey laminating our purpose in life.

Industrial chimneys belched smoke as I walked through the streets.

I could hear the deafness and gloom imprisoned in the smoke.

The air tasted like cigarettes,

I could feel the heavy smog forcing down on me,

clenching its fists with enmity.

It blocked the sunlight like a rug,

devouring every ray of the sun, we were the inmates.

Continuing to consume their products, the factories presume to

Gift us with their foulness.

But we did not grasp our situation,

and the congress called it progress

My realization of our progression

was a stormy day; I was sitting in the backseat of a taxi

glancing out only to see the vehicles pouring out gallons of smog.

Cautiously I rolled down the windows only to receive the sharp scent of the exhaust.

The stench in the air scorched my nostrils.

 Imagined how corrupting this was to the environment.

I peered at the vegetation near the sidewalk,

gazing at what’s left of the trees.

All crippled inward like old men,

hunched over in agony.

All of us take part deserting the sky.

But how we respond to this incident can affect future generations.

We will not go quiet without correcting our mistakes.

This is my purpose in life.




I was proud of my speaking and how I manage to express the thoughts of the poem through expressions and the loudness and the pace of the poem. I was also able to stand up at the stage and speak with confidence.  My writing was surprisingly full of different usage of writing. I tried to have descriptive word choice to put the reader in the situation.


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