Downfall of the French Nobility

A year before the revolution started, I gifted myself to the face of death. I, Abel Luthier, had nothing left to give. My arms cooked under the burning sun. As if I was a meal to the world. The royal family Louis left a scar on our modern day France. My 45 years in limbo has forsaken my courage. My dry skin crumbled before the eyes of the monarch. On the farmland, we shrieked and pleaded for mercy. However, our tears did not shake the heart of the king.


Throughout my life, the majority of my days were static, but these couple years of my life was all too dynamic. But all the events that had led up to this point, we still elected a dictator for our nation. Robespierre was no different than the monarch we had. Authority was distributed more from the declaration of rights of men, and the massive lifting was lightened from our shoulders. The taille was distributed more evenly. I was more hopeful-Meaning towards my country and our community. The old regime, inefficient and radical, was abolished. However, a new idea of enlightenment was adopted.

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