Building Up To A Capstone


The topic I would like to focus on was the planet area. I want to spend my time on global warming and how the effects can affect our own species or our life on earth. Many people denounce the issue and reject the idea of such topic, but the are many dangers that we may face. If we don’t let out the truth and the extinction we might encounter if we don’t slow down the process and show people a way to be a part of the cause.

My research question is what are possible solutions for society to combat global warming?

To be able to start researching without know where to start is always difficult as well as troubles filtering out unnecessary information and relevant information. Also, it is a little daunting to have such a wide variety of information and the need to gather all of it and make a five paragraph essay about it.

I hope to bring awareness and more information towards the effects of global warming and how some results are actually causing change. The unique power of knowledge and knowing can set people’s differences aside and work together for a unique goal. Stephen Hawkings said our time on earth will last for only another 100 years. If that has any truth upon it, then we need to find a way to at least slow down the process and improve our environment.

The message I hope to bring out is the facts and bringing people together to inspire people to take actions that would accumulate towards a bigger cause. There are plenty of small things such as watching your electricity usage that can have a benefit to our society. But it is up to us to properly set ourselves for a future.

I would like feedbacks that would narrow my research topic and possibly make a more sophisticated point. I want to know whether this is a good research topic and have benefits to my peers and the community.

4 thoughts on “Building Up To A Capstone

  1. Great cause! I do feel like your question could narrow down to specific ideas for example economy, social, or political?

  2. i agree with your topic. It’s a really interesting topic with good cause. You might want to put more details of your topic and make sure you can explain your question specifically

  3. I like the research topic. And on the topic question, you can make the topic question more bigger. This question that you have here could be in your body paragraph when you are going to write your comment. Because it’s kind of a specific topic. But is good in general. 🙂

  4. Hi Andreas,

    I am very interested in this social issue too and I am saddened that may people choose to denounce the issue and continue to lead lives that simply are unsustainable for the planet. Being an Australian, I’m fearful of the possibility that I may find myself a climate refugee in as little as 50 years. This was something that really hit hard when I heard Peter Dalglish speak at ISB a few weeks back.

    I agree, your topic question leaves plenty of room for a variety of foci, however, the opportunity to be direct and build empathy in our community around such an important issue is huge. What about adjusting your question slightly so that the focus is more so on what society can do to combat this social issue? This would still allow you the opportunity to discuss the effects on society, however, the outcome would be more about what can be done to at least slow the process and prepare for the inevitable. i.e. you are not debating what may/may not happen, as Stephen Hawking stated, this is now and action must be taken.

    I’ll be very interest to follow your journey with this project!

    Ms. Brown

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