Science Engineering Project Define & Inquiry

The task was to create a device that converts/transfers energy/renewable energy or a device used to learn physics.

Some possible projects may be related to mechanical, electric/electrostatic, and heat energies.

Interesting ideas include devices that go through multiple energy conversions. Using this circular design, I can create a turbine that acts as a different hydroelectric dam. By turning this blade, you can generate an electric charge. I can insert multiple blades with to increase the amount of electricity generated.

The pros of this idea could be the benefits of this creation since it is able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Another pro is the number of turbines you can put into a single pipe, this results in a larger amount of energy generated. Compared to the traditional hydroelectrical dam, the new version can be smaller since it has more turbines to compensate for the size of the dam. A con for the design could be the cost to make this dam. Additionally, I am unsure about the efficiency of the dam as well as the consistency of the dam.