Elevator Pitches and Reflection-Clara


Speaking about why SDGs are important, in Grade 8 humanities we are running our capstone project.The capstone project is studying our SDG and find solutions for the future in 2030. Many research has convey that water is the most significant in life and China and above is my speech and reflection of what I should work on.

For my future, I would like to myself two things to enhance. Do not speak like a monotone way, and don’t trip over words.I was able to maintain a good clear voice, well paced, and keep eye contacts to the audience most of the time. I should work on speaking loudly and practice more times that I won’t trip over words.


Polymer Journal #4

Prototype Observations
Prototype Observations Strengths for this Prototype Limitations for this Prototype
1. Super slime The super slime was sticky. To improve this, we goanna add less glue and keep the same amount of borax and water in it and we might add PVA solution. There is strength for this prototype. Too sticky and that is not what we are trying to do.
2. Boogers The boogers is more like liquid form, because we add too much water and less glue; which is not solid and it’s extremely sticky. To improve we should change our strategy and starting testing materials. It’s not sticky anymore. It’s 50% liquid form, but we want our product to be solid form.
3.Gloop the super slime is pretty success, we want our product to be a stress base, and it finally work. Super slime is not very sticky, and it’s not liquid form; it’s soft and very bouncy. Even though super slime fit our idea on the product, but it’s very easy to make . To improve, we could make it stretcher and probably change the color within pva by not breaking it. It’s durable and it’s not sticky, it’s very bouncy and it’s very soft. It’s stretch enough, which we want our product to be a cleaning polymer

Prototype Claim
Use evidence from above observations to complete.

Prototype # 3, called Super Slime, was most effective for meeting our goal because: It’s very durable, it is extremely soft, it’s very bouncy and it’s colorful, even though it’s not stretch enough; but it meets most of our standard: Soft, tenacity and colorful. So prototype 3 is the most success.

Method of Final Design
Give a summary of how your final product will be made.
Make sure you list the steps and amounts used.

1. Start with the gloop recipe.
2. Then add 7ml of water and 10ml of pva solution in to the plastic cup.
3. Followed by step two, add 1cm of glue and one drop of water.
4. Finally, mix it with scoop and it will become the final product.


The challenging part was in our group was unsure about how to make a perfect clean polymer. We felt like we should of putted it more. The interesting part is that we made the polymer clean with the messiness on the table. From there on, I learned how to make gloop and the product comes from where we could understand what kind of formula and how our product should sell like. Our product YCY, a cleaning polymer is extremely easy to be form as a ball and reuse by adults and children. Currently, a bunch of parents require to have injury on their hand wrist, but using our polymer makes it soother and make cleaning a lot easier. However, our prototype will not make any of those inconvenience because it could be reused if you add water with it. YCY is only use for the specific users, it will not never bring you bad effects to the users.


Below is my group  informerical for cleaning polymer




Polymer Journal #3

Our cleaning polymer  requires a quick speed to clean out with a clean reusable polymer. Even though it suppose to be dried out quickly, it should be flexible and softy for the audience. The adults and and parents who have small kids wants to teach simple version of cleaning products with dust in tables.  For these terms, we focused on to make the product not hard as much as rock but has a feeling of flexibility.

During the experiments, we used maximum amount of PVA solution  to make it smoothier  but not as much as a thin grip which can bring an inconvenience to the users.






Polymer Project Journal #2


Our Goal:

The goal of our polymer project is to making reusable polymer that clean household surfaces.


Target Market Audience

Target Market Audience How will this help them?
Target Market Audience #1:


Adults It will help them to clean within little things to do own their hands.
Possible Target Market Audience #2:

*just in case you have more than one target market audience

Parents with small kids It will help kids to clean with it.




Describing Our Polymer: cleaning the table


We want the Physical Properties to include:

  • Blue
  • sticky
  • bouncy
  • never broken



Polymer Characteristics We Are Looking For

*Gloop, Super Slime, Stretch-tastic Slime, Oobleck


Polymer Characteristics Why this is important
Super Slime Not slimy To clean the polymer
Boogers Doesn’t break apart Don’t break easy
Gloop Bounce well Comfortable

1st pic: gloop

2nd pic: super slime


Our Plan to Develop our Prototype

*Prototype = sample or model


1st we will…                                                   

Make super slime and test if it erases the marks and scuffs on our table.

    2nd we will…

Make a video which proves that our polymer erases our table

   3rd we will…

Make gloop which is bouncy and is adhesive.

Make boogers to test on dirty tables.










Polymer Journal #1-Science

Synthetic VS. Natural

What are synthetic materials?

A synthetic material is when materials are combined to make one big molecule.


Give 2 examples of synthetic materials.

Plastic and ceramics.


What are natural resources?

Natural resources are materials that aren’t artificial and from the nature.

Give 2 examples of natural resources.

Water and DNA



Polymers and Where They Come From

What is a polymer?

Polymers are molecules which is a long, repeating chain of small unit (monomers). They have higher molecule weight by any molecules which consist billions of atoms.


Give 2 examples of synthetic polymers and the natural resources they come from

Synthetic Polymer #1


What natural resources does this come from?


It comes from silk.

What would we use this synthetic material for?


Nylon is using for socks, parachuting, and stocking etc.

Synthetic Polymer #2

Plastic containers

What natural resources does this come from?

It comes from Oil and Polythene.

What would we use this synthetic material for?

Plastic container is use for making plastic. It is connect to each other to form a molecule.


 Chemical Reactions

How do natural resources go through a chemical reaction to become synthetic materials?

*important words to think about…polymerization, monomer, polymer

In natural resources, the acts of a monomer is a  synthetic material.  So, the monomers will chemically bond together which makes a synthetic material, but polymerization is the process of monomers which bonds together. Therefore, for plastic molecule is the oil and polythene would bond together making a hug molecule which is plastic.

What is a monomer?

Monomer is a basic unit of polymer which may be considered of building blocks from which proteins are made. Monomers may bind to other monomers to form a repeating chain molecule via a process called polymerization. Monomers may be either natural or synthetic in origin.

What is polymerization?

A process of reacting monomers which molecules together in a chemical reaction to form polymer chains or 3D network.


Synthetic Polymers



Synthetic Polymers






Student Led Conference 2018

L21 Standard: Communication and Collaboration

Claim: In communicating a Common Craft Video in humanities class for project, I learned how to develop a positively collaborating with my teammate (Karen)for a publishable video.
Evidence:  I learned by developing the editing skills for humanities writing, and setting the level for, SCROATIC SEMANIR, AND

Reasoning: How does it impact the connection of the learning?

  1. History
  2. Design Thinking-Using high tech quality affect the communication and the ideas.
  3. Humanties  Skills: Applying a develop level of understanding and using academic vocabulary to formate a good script.

L21 Standrad: Innovation and Creative Thinking

Claim: Learning a new unit of a newspaper in MDSD. I have learned to show a creativity newspaper.

Evidence: 1123_001 I learned how to make a newspaper in a site called Canva which can export from Newspaper, I always have thought newspaper is hard to make, and one day and making art stuff


  1. Design- Learned how to analyse
  2. Skills- Technology skills
  3. Learning-using vocabularies.

L21 Standard: Leadership and Responblity

Principal ListEvidence: , September  field trip,



Revolutionary Voices Journal: The Great Proletarian Chinese Cultural Revolution

Progressing through certain resources, learning from different perspectives, I completed my revolutionary journal that is all about the The Great Proletarian Chinese Cultural Revolution, however it is about an old professor in the university who went through the The Great Proletarian Chinese Cultural Revolution,and how he changed his opinion on Mao and Chinese Cultural Revolution. I chose this revolution, because I was able to learn how the revolution impacted people, how their lives were different, yet also the lives of people in China’s legacy.


The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Simple English


Our project, easy and some difficulty, was to make a Common Craft video about The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.  During this revolution, which was led by Chairman Mao, lots of changed, but some stayed the same. They are people out there asking who’re asking if the revolution is necessary.

Mao had a lot of rules, such as The revolution made a huge impact in China. Some were good, some were bad. Students no longer had classes anymore, so that also changed the education in China. This is significant because just stopping education, will make the China’s future bad. Another rules from Mao was destroy the four olds, because of his orders, his advocators, red guards, everything got destroyed. The capitalism and imperialism were gone.

Lots of things had changed after a decade of the revolution ended, which stayed the same. People had still strong belief of the government. There are some people who doesn’t like Xi, but I know that citizens still have faith in Chairman Mao (Mao Ze Dong).



Non Fiction Writing Book Theme-Lang Lang’s autobiography

Lang Lang- Journey of A Thousand Miles

Theme: Each person has their views by pursuing dreams. Lao-Tzu has said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Think of all the success stories you heard so many times in your life, everything from Mozart to Chopin. They all go something like this: a pioneer or group of people that are piano geniuses in their area of expertise. They struggle to find themselves in this big horrific world. Suddenly, an opportunity arises where they might have to risk everything to achieve greatness. The person or group of people beat the odds and become successful purely through their sweat, spirit, and determination. These stories hold some truth; however, they often leave out some key points. Although certain people are born with exceptional abilities, it is the opportunities they get to develop their talent that will ultimately lead to their massive success. Can you also imagine that a pianist got inspired by Tom and Jerry,Monkey King, and Transformers?

I can imagine this by a person inspired by Tom and Jerry,Monkey King, and Transformers.The story I am going to talk about is Lang Lang:A Journey of a Thousand Miles ,yet the person is Lang Lang a famous pianist from Shenyang, a small town in China. “People often ask me about my influences…they expect me to say, Beethoven or Brahms, Tchaikovsky or Bach. Naturally, they’re shocked when I say Tom and Jerry which was Lang Lang favourite’s cartoon in all time, the beloved cartoon characters created in Hollywood.”(Ritz,16). According to Lang Lang,Tom (the cat from Tom and Jerry) made him motivated to learn piano,which amazed him that he could extend his fingers on the key.

Lang Lang made a journey to a great success which leads to America. You are not trying hard enough.”(Ritz,68)”..when you play at Carnegie Hall, every great musician will listen to you, for their spirits are there.” (Ritz,150). All that time of extra practice in piano, he enhanced skills individually and his father. This shows over the years Lang Lang have seen so many different cultures and different ways of bringing up kids. I believe that no matter how you train your kid, you need to give them love. Sometimes Lang Lang father pushed me too much, but he loved me.

“The world of music is also changing daily, and we will have to figure out to keep classical music alive and thriving in this multimedia…”(Ritz,199) This conveys that Lang Lang employed the excel in musical craft, which his creativity would knew the right answer every time. Lang Lang thinks music was the first language he had been taught. Music have gave everyone including Lang Lang by taking an action of listening on the most accompanying and memorable life and moments that I can hear from my head.

Theme: Each person has their views by pursuing dreams. Lao-Tzu has once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Which emphasis that Lang Lang is inspired by Lao-Tzu and the reason why the title is Lang Lang’s perspective of “Life is a journey” is a metaphoric meaning, yet a notion of traveling cites by cites by sharing music. And the journey is still the beginning. Lang Lang:A Journey of a Thousand Miles is an inspiring story which will give readers for thankful for the courage and achieve greatness.


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Shunyi Photography-One Day 2018

For one day this year, I chose photography, an experience of something different then last year where we wanted to do for our passion.We went to the village behind BSB and the Wen Yu River and took photos.When I first tried to take one photo, it was challenge. My goal was not to take get the photo blurry and don’t struggle. I achieved the goal by having a fancy filter in one photo.Therefore, I had enhanced my photography skills and structure.


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