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Project Enable Reflection

During this project we learned about cell mutation and how and why disorder happen.  We chose specific disabilities to study and learn about. I chose fragile X and learned about the effects and what struggles someone with it might face. This project let us empathize on another level due to our better understanding of our chosen disorder. Our end goal was to design a product to help enable someone with a disorder. I made a “fidget cube phone case.” The idea was to allow someone with fragile X to use their phone case as a stress ball and music hub. Due to the fact that people with fragile X can’t speak they usually have a phone with a text to speech app alongside them, so i thought if they had a phone, why not make a phone case that would also help them.

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Trade Up Reflection

During this project, Trade Up, we were tasked with creating a society. We looked at most aspects of a civilization and replicated them in our ideal ways. Near the end of the project our respective societies met up and traded our resources, in doing so my group, Artego, became part of a trading agreement with a few other societies. In this group we made sure every society had ample resources and provided each other with protection.  In this project I thought my group did pretty well. We communicated really well and got work done on time. Overall I believe this project was one of my favorites and I really enjoyed the material as well as the execution.

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Colby One Day 2K18

Today during One Day we went over to the apartments to interview the tenants. We asked them various questions about their lives all the while filming B roll and recording natural sounds in the area. We intend to turn this into a full piece but for today we created an outline for the final project. It was mine and my partners job to take the b roll and turn them into transitions for the piece.

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Substance Abuse Response

When you take substances to alter your body shape, you might see quick results. While this sounds good, It is probable you will never see enough changes. It can become addictive and dangerous. You might lose to much wait, not to mention all the side effects from these drugs. It should be obvious that the solution is an organic method. A good diet and a steady exercise regime is the proper route but that’s too much work for some people. It’s very much a “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” situation, you want the results without doing work which results in dire consequences.

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2017-2018 Ignite Week Reflection

During this past Ignite Week I decided to make a cable management system to house all the loose wire around my desk.  I wanted enough space to hold an extension cord so there would be almost no wire showing. I thought about the “need” aspect of this project and how we were supposed to fulfill one, so I went through multiple ideas that I could have made but this was the only one that really solved a problem I had. I have very little space under my desk and all the wires are really annoying to have to deal with so thus my idea for this project. I remembered this product called the Ikea Signam that also housed loose cables and that was the inspiration for this project.  One challenge I faced during this project was trying to incorporate the stool I brought to up cycle but all the ways I thought  of would just be a waste. I ended up not using the stool. One success I had during this project was being able to build my contraption pretty quickly so that left me plenty of time to paint. My design changed drastically during this process so I feel this helped improve my L21 goal because of the adapting I had to do. I think any project using tools can greatly help you in the future as well as my l21 goals.


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Grade 8 mentoring Trip Reflection

In September of 2017 my class and I went on a trip to shimenshan, a town with surrounding mountains and lakes. It was an experience. One strength I had during this trip was my ability to easily climb the wall despite my fear of highest. One weakness I had during this trip was my attitude, I am very cynical and when I heard about the wall climb I thought it would be a waste of time but it turned out very fun.

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One Day Video

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Are Things Running Smoothly…

As a leader I think it’s going good but we do have a few bumps. In Mincraft  there is an argument going on talking about if Miners should be able to keep the valuables they find. In my opinion they should be able to keep the useless things they find such as Diamond, Emerald, and red stone witch are considered valuable but are a waste of resources.So thats the scoop.

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Mine-evil Times

So I we were assigned to blog about how midevil times and Minecraft  simulation what I came up with is…

in both we have leaders who keep order and tell us what and how to do it. We also have farmers to plant and grow crops so we can survive. Then we have the lumber jacks who supply  us with wood when ever we need it. So after all I guess Minecraft isn’t that different from colonial times.

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Let’s Agree to Disagree

Here are some common agreements that I think should work for everybody.

.Be carful with what you touch it may be dangerous

.Speak quietly so you let other children sleep

.Keep track of your things so you don’t lose them

.Try and get along with everybody so a fight doesn’t evolve into something bigger

.Be nice to everybody so a new friendship can arise

.Share your things together

.Be carful what you do and say

.Go to sleep at a reasonable time so you ready for the next day

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