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Archive for February, 2014

A Poem Anbout me

• February 18, 2014

My name is colby I’m kind, funny, and smart I love video games, candy, and dogs I feel happy when on school holidays, grossed out when their is fish involved, and happy when with my friends I most need video games, my dog, and my friends I give my sister a hard time, my parents […]

Systems in the House

• February 13, 2014

I would define systems as multiple pieces of a puzzle that have to work together to complete the picture. Each individual puzzle piece has to adapt and create.  I’ve learned a lot about systems and I cant  wait to learn more!

Top Five

• February 10, 2014

My top five things of my vacation is… 5. The weather was perfect 4. we saw some cool sharks 3.  The pool was really fun 2. I went snorkeling 1. I went boat riding with my dad pretty fun right?