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Archive for May, 2014

Mine-evil Times

• May 23, 2014

So I we were assigned to blog about how midevil times and Minecraft  simulation what I came up with is… in both we have leaders who keep order and tell us what and how to do it. We also have farmers to plant and grow crops so we can survive. Then we have the lumber […]

Let’s Agree to Disagree

• May 22, 2014

Here are some common agreements that I think should work for everybody. .Be carful with what you touch it may be dangerous .Speak quietly so you let other children sleep .Keep track of your things so you don’t lose them .Try and get along with everybody so a fight doesn’t evolve into something bigger .Be […]

Who’s Good?

• May 12, 2014

The common good is something that everybody needs. In school we have been learning about Governance and we have been  learning it  through Minecraft we have leaders and workers we have laws and restrictions just like real life.  There is a food shortage so we decided to have a law that states we can only […]