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2017-2018 Ignite Week Reflection

During this past Ignite Week I decided to make a cable management system to house all the loose wire around my desk.  I wanted enough space to hold an extension cord so there would be almost no wire showing. I thought about the “need” aspect of this project and how we were supposed to fulfill one, so I went through multiple ideas that I could have made but this was the only one that really solved a problem I had. I have very little space under my desk and all the wires are really annoying to have to deal with so thus my idea for this project. I remembered this product called the Ikea Signam that also housed loose cables and that was the inspiration for this project.  One challenge I faced during this project was trying to incorporate the stool I brought to up cycle but all the ways I thought  of would just be a waste. I ended up not using the stool. One success I had during this project was being able to build my contraption pretty quickly so that left me plenty of time to paint. My design changed drastically during this process so I feel this helped improve my L21 goal because of the adapting I had to do. I think any project using tools can greatly help you in the future as well as my l21 goals.


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