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Science Design Project #3

• January 24, 2019

My project went through a few iterations before its final form. Originally I wanted to have a 3d printed case holding the wiring for aesthetic appeal but due to time constraints, I was unable. My project was simple in concept but difficult still, there were several problems with the copper wire I had at my disposal.  […]

Science and Engineering Project #2

• January 9, 2019

Plan for the next 4 classes: Class 1: Finnish sketch and get it approved. Figure out better container system for wiring. Figure out proper voltage for the power brick. Class 2: Begin prototype with cardboard casing. Strip wiring and create the initial set up Class 3: Create a more refined version in 3d printed model and […]

Science and Engineering Project 2019

• January 9, 2019

Prototypes and Ideas: This is a better example of what I would like to do. My phone comes with wireless charging capabilities so I would only need to create the first unit. This a potential project. The only materials I would need are copper wire, masking tape, and an iPhone charging cord. Now I just […]

Project Enable Reflection

• March 22, 2018

During this project we learned about cell mutation and how and why disorder happen.  We chose specific disabilities to study and learn about. I chose fragile X and learned about the effects and what struggles someone with it might face. This project let us empathize on another level due to our better understanding of our […]

Trade Up Reflection

• February 14, 2018

During this project, Trade Up, we were tasked with creating a society. We looked at most aspects of a civilization and replicated them in our ideal ways. Near the end of the project our respective societies met up and traded our resources, in doing so my group, Artego, became part of a trading agreement with […]

Colby One Day 2K18

• February 14, 2018

Today during One Day we went over to the apartments to interview the tenants. We asked them various questions about their lives all the while filming B roll and recording natural sounds in the area. We intend to turn this into a full piece but for today we created an outline for the final project. […]

Substance Abuse Response

• December 1, 2017

When you take substances to alter your body shape, you might see quick results. While this sounds good, It is probable you will never see enough changes. It can become addictive and dangerous. You might lose to much wait, not to mention all the side effects from these drugs. It should be obvious that the […]

2017-2018 Ignite Week Reflection

• October 12, 2017

During this past Ignite Week I decided to make a cable management system to house all the loose wire around my desk.  I wanted enough space to hold an extension cord so there would be almost no wire showing. I thought about the “need” aspect of this project and how we were supposed to fulfill […]

Grade 8 mentoring Trip Reflection

• September 19, 2017

In September of 2017 my class and I went on a trip to shimenshan, a town with surrounding mountains and lakes. It was an experience. One strength I had during this trip was my ability to easily climb the wall despite my fear of highest. One weakness I had during this trip was my attitude, […]

One Day Video

• March 25, 2016