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Are Things Running Smoothly…

As a leader I think it’s going good but we do have a few bumps. In Mincraft  there is an argument going on talking about if Miners should be able to keep the valuables they find. In my opinion they should be able to keep the useless things they find such as Diamond, Emerald, and red stone witch are considered valuable but are a waste of resources.So thats the scoop.

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Mine-evil Times

So I we were assigned to blog about how midevil times and Minecraft  simulation what I came up with is…

in both we have leaders who keep order and tell us what and how to do it. We also have farmers to plant and grow crops so we can survive. Then we have the lumber jacks who supply  us with wood when ever we need it. So after all I guess Minecraft isn’t that different from colonial times.

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Let’s Agree to Disagree

Here are some common agreements that I think should work for everybody.

.Be carful with what you touch it may be dangerous

.Speak quietly so you let other children sleep

.Keep track of your things so you don’t lose them

.Try and get along with everybody so a fight doesn’t evolve into something bigger

.Be nice to everybody so a new friendship can arise

.Share your things together

.Be carful what you do and say

.Go to sleep at a reasonable time so you ready for the next day

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Who’s Good?

The common good is something that everybody needs. In school we have been learning about Governance and we have been  learning it  through Minecraft we have leaders and workers we have laws and restrictions just like real life.  There is a food shortage so we decided to have a law that states we can only take two of any food, so we don’t starve. In this life and in minecraft life you need food and water. We all need to work hard to survive so that we can lead a successful project.  We all need the common good no matter what.

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Minecarft Do’s and dont’s

The main thing we are focusing on during our governance unit is how we can survive as a community using the minecarft simulation. here are some things that we can not do in mine-craft.

. in mine-craft you can’t kill people just like you cant kill people in real life

. you cant go into someones house and take their things like in real life

. you may not take other peoples crops or other personal belongings

.you cant set animals free if they are there for a reason

So those are the some of the things you can not do in mine-craft or real life. Hope you enjoyed reading see ya later.



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Sup Dog

If I were a dog I think it would go a little like this,

. My owners would be chill and relaxed

.They would be kind and just

. and generous with treats

.I like being outside and getting active

.I like low AQI days ( witch you don’t see a lot of in china)

.I dislike cold weather

My hobbies are digging holes

.Sniffing other dogs poop

.and running

My favorite foods are bacon, ham, and sausage

.I live in a small town house in capital paradise and I sleep in  my owners bed




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A Poem Anbout me

My name is colby

I’m kind, funny, and smart

I love video games, candy, and dogs

I feel happy when on school holidays, grossed out when their is fish involved, and happy when with my friends

I most need video games, my dog, and my friends

I give my sister a hard time, my parents a pain in the neck, and my friends an prank every now and then

I fear snakes, clowns, and dolls (especially Chucky)

I would love to see a Yankees game, a nicks game, and a jets game

I like to ware new and stylish cloths, hats, and hoodies

I love art

and my last name is Reverman




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Systems in the House

I would define systems as multiple pieces of a puzzle that have to work together to complete the picture. Each individual puzzle piece has to adapt and create.  I’ve learned a lot about systems and I cant  wait to learn more!

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Top Five

My top five things of my vacation is…

5. The weather was perfect

4. we saw some cool sharks

3.  The pool was really fun

2. I went snorkeling

1. I went boat riding with my dad

pretty fun right?



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Me and My Partner

My partner and I worked really well together and we shared our ideas. We dud have some disagreements but it all worked out.

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