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Science Design Project #3

• January 24, 2019

My project went through a few iterations before its final form. Originally I wanted to have a 3d printed case holding the wiring for aesthetic appeal but due to time constraints, I was unable. My project was simple in concept but difficult still, there were several problems with the copper wire I had at my disposal.  […]

Science and Engineering Project #2

• January 9, 2019

Plan for the next 4 classes: Class 1: Finnish sketch and get it approved. Figure out better container system for wiring. Figure out proper voltage for the power brick. Class 2: Begin prototype with cardboard casing. Strip wiring and create the initial set up Class 3: Create a more refined version in 3d printed model and […]

Science and Engineering Project 2019

• January 9, 2019

Prototypes and Ideas: This is a better example of what I would like to do. My phone comes with wireless charging capabilities so I would only need to create the first unit. This a potential project. The only materials I would need are copper wire, masking tape, and an iPhone charging cord. Now I just […]