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In this project, Project Consume, we were challenged with the driving question, “Are sustainable choices important?” We chose products of companies to dig through and investigate. Throughout the project, we learnt about the three lenses of sustainability, Environment, Equity and Economy, and had to evaluate companies’ choices and way of manufacturing their packagings. In the process, we had to find out what type of plastic our packaging was made of, and how long it took for it to decompose. We looked at the whole enchilada, evaluating the system in the extraction of the petroleum, the manufacture, the production, distribution, consumption and finally, disposal. We had to write a narrative in the perspective of our packaging, personifying the material, and telling its story from start to end. In the end, we made a video, to show the life cycle of our packaging.


Ignite Week Reflection 2017 (Making a Moment – Sensory Devices by Daniel Koo)

What did you create?

Aiden and I created a documentary of the working process of Sensory Devices.

What were your successes?

We were able to make a roughly-4-minutes long video.

What were your challenges?

We had minor difficulties in communication, where we misunderstood what each other was telling each other. We also had to overcome our lack of experience with cameras and high-tech microphones, and we improved our skills over the entire project, learning how to record

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

For this project, I chose Communication and Collaboration as my L21 focus area. I wanted to improve my collaboration skills to make our project as successful and productive as possible. Aiden and I struggled to work together at first due to our different ideas. But we started to work better and better together throughout the process of the project. We always informed each other of our progress and gave each other feedback. In the end, we ended up working perfectly well with each other. We are satisfied with our video and had a great learning experience.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

In the future, I would be able to use my time wisely and take the enough amount of footage, and be able to take better shots, using filmography skills such as the golden rule of three, switching focus and zooming out. I would also be able to edit my videos more effectively and make a high-quality video, using basic software such as iMovie.


Ignite Week L21 Reflection


The Giver Conclusion Reflection

In the ending of the novel The Giver, as Jonas sleds down hills, embracing the baby, Jonas sights a warm family having a festival (assumed to be a Christmas party). I think the author of the novel left the conclusion bleak so that the readers can interpret the ending into various ways. I interpret the conclusion because I think Jonas was seeing a mirage of what he wanted, inside of a normal village, and as he takes his last breathe, he will give his last power to Gabriel with his last might.


The Giver Discussion No. 2

The time a bee stung my eyelid. I was sitting in a train in Shibuya, Japan and suddenly a bee stung me in my eyelid. Of course, it hurt physically, but it was shocking for me, who was in third grade that nobody there was helping me. The only ones helping me were my Mom and sister. I was astonished by how uncaring people were, and how people had no compassions against youths. If I could erase this memory, I wouldn’t because these type of physical pain is no big deal any more.


Reflection on The Giver Ch. 10~14

The question is “Do you agree with Jonas that people have to be protected from wrong choices?”movie-on-11-8-16-at-10-55-pm


Brunei’s Miracle

“Finally, we’re here!” I threw the words out of my mouth, toasted under the blazing sun of Brunei. I jostled through the thick vegetation of banana leaves and dead coconut leaves hanging around. I rushed out of the miniature jungle; the acrid stench from the dead leaves stinging my nostrils. I slammed the door open with my puny arms and darted to the bathroom in the first floor.      “How is it going Mom?” I whispered with my neck’s blood vessel as taut as a guitar string.

“I don’t know…” Mom whispered frantically.

It was an ordinary day in the sizzling hot summer of 2008. I was talking to my friends like a five years old (which I was), being gregarious in the Jigsaw Playhouse. I ran on top of the white-lava-hot asphalt on the playground, played board games and read books there. I was all happy until the dismissal time came. Joseline, my housekeeper came to pick me up.

“Your cat Mingky is giving birth to a kitten. We got to hurry back home by the shortcut.” Joseline said. Though I was slow as if I was running in the thick mud, I ran home like a bat out of hell. Rivulets of perspiration from my back drenched my clothes in to a drab color but I didn’t have time to care. I was feted about my cats getting hurt but also was excited about the new kittens I will have.

Then I arrived home and saw a specialist and our cat Mingky lying down, tolerating the surge of pain.

“How is it going?” I said in an anxious way.

“I don’t know…But you do not need to whisper” Mom replied. A Malaysian veterinarian was doing something I didn’t know to the cat. The veterinarian started injecting Mingky with a drug that abates pain. Then the veterinarian went out of the room and head out of the vast hall, taking all his equipment.

“What! Where he going, Mom?” I said in a curious, high-pitched voice, glaring at the veterinarian in a doubtful way. “He doesn’t need to be here actually. Cats normally gives birth to a kittens by themselves he says…” Mom said as she dismissed the veterinarian. Then all our attention moved on to Mingky. The poor little cat was lying there with the pain of death. Dad closed the door solemnly and said, “ Lets give Mingky some privacy”. I sat there intensifying myself on the chair and decided to read my book to calm me down.

An hour passed and there was still an awkward silence going on around the house. No sound at all. Not even a single sound echoed in the enormous building. I was just lying down on the bed reading a comic. I tried to center my mind into the comic but I couldn’t. My hands and legs were trembling like a jelly on a plate and my head was going dull and numb. No thoughts. No thoughts at all. Then abruptly a thought came in my mind striking like a lightning. “What if Mom cat or kittens die?” I finally moved my reluctant body to get a fresh drink of coke. I gulped the drink down, ravenous for dehydration and hunger. Then a sound echoed down the hallway to the kitchen to my ears. Mom, Dad and Esther dashed down to the bathroom.

It must be it or maybe them. “Don’t scare them, Ok?” Dad said in a nervous, trembling low-pitched voice. We slowly opened the door open and peeked inside. I was too small so I craned my neck to get a sight of what was happening. Then I saw them. 2 baby kittens and one dead. Fortunately the Mother was alive and the cold lump of fear in my heart was gone. Mingky. Mingky had surmounted the fatal pain.


Mom and Dad were sanitizing the bathroom and Mingky when Esther and I were observing the kittens. Dori had sleek orange and white colored fur and Doori had black and white fur that were soft as a bunch of feathers. Their ears were pliable as red maple leaves dangling on the tree branches.

That day we had a big feast celebrating Doori and Dori. I was enjoying the great atmosphere until I notice something. There was another kitten that deceased. The kitten couldn’t even take a fresh breath outside and closed its eyes for eternity inside the stomach. I first thought that I ought to feel downcast because of the dead cat but I didn’t. We were only celebrating the cats that survived and didn’t mourn for the dead cat. I knew the reason and I learnt a sorrowful lesson but I felt to drowsy so I kept the thought about the dead kitten in my mind as I closed my eyes to finish the busy day.


Goalkeepers Against Bad


Humans will behave badly without laws. Law is a fence to block us from doing bad. Firstly, people will behave inappropriate/badly because even now, when there are different laws in each country that makes people not do wrong thing. However still people sin and do things that aren’t allowed in the country. For example people murder, steal and hack even if it is common sense to not do these things and it does not follow the law. Secondly, it is true that we won’t behave appropriately because law is made for a reason. For example people hacked a company in Korea and the law for ‘No Hacking’ was made. Finally, people will do bad things without law because law is a big fence that keeps us from sinning or doing bad things. For example, we would be able to shoot your friend and you wouldn’t go to jail but now if we do, we would go to jail. These are some key reasons why I totally agree that people will behave badly without law.

Disclaimer: This writing piece has only been written in the content of studying a book entitled          A Long Walk to Water about the 21-year civil war in Sudan and the refugee crisis that accompanied it.


I Am From

I am from the basketball court
Shooting shots
Numb fingers
Rivulets of perspiration
Drenching my shirt

I am from a beach like Internet
Surfing swiftly
Waves called You-tube
Blue Skype skies
Kakao talk lying in the sand

I’m from
My rumpled square-shaped cube
Staring at a screen of
Stephen Curry
Making three pointers
As the clusters of fanatics cheer
The anti-fans jeer
I feel the surge of energy
From the faces of hordes
Just like a thousand soldiers

I’m from my comfy sofa
Playing games
Intensifying myself for hours.
As if I was born to play games
I hit buttons
Control for dear life
Accomplished missions
Explosion of delight billowing

I’m from the classroom
Everyone greets each other
The second best place to be at

I’m from the basketball court
The best place to be at
Until my hands get callous
Fingers numb
Muscles ache
Toiling for a quarter of an hour

I’m from
Critical thinking
And also from
But I ain’t from
Giving up

Daniel Koo



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