Make A Moment: Upcycled Furniture

October 13th, 2017

I created a video showcasing the creativity and process of the Ignite Week Project Upcycled Furniture.
Successes were interviews of people we thought were suitable, the creation of the final video. Some challenges were finding interesting shots of people, fixing camera lighting, etc.
My L21 Goal was communication and collaboration. I demonstrated preparedness throughout the process when doing anything, and listened to my partner’s suggestions and ideas. I gave thorough feedback on how things could be improved and politely communicated.

Podcasting and Storytelling: The Tree

March 7th, 2017

I chose podcasting and storytelling and podcasting because I thought I could learn a lot from it and could add some interesting ideas I had to the project. I learned how to collaborate and accept other people’s ideas, how to use professional recording equipment properly. If I were to do this again, I would’ve helped more with the plot and recording.

What is a painful thing you experienced?

November 15th, 2016

I have an emotional pain, I remember is when my grandmother died from cancer, and how she was laying on the bed, staring. My mom was on a call with my grandfather, and how he said she died. I learned how sad it is to lose a loved one, you feel a sort of void in your heart. No, I would not take away the memory or experience because I would always be wondering how my grandmother died, and I figure I should feel pain in my life because its important to develop a well-being, and if you don’t experience it, you will miss a very important feeling, grief.

Do you agree with Jonas that people have to be protected from wrong choices?

November 10th, 2016

Do you agree with Jonas that people have to be protected from wrong choices?
No, I don’t think we should be protected from wrong choices. For example, we wouldn’t learn from our past mistakes, we wouldn’t innovate and make good decisions in life. In Jonas’s world, sure the people live in a perfect world, but they don’t act out of their system. For example, when Asher said “I want my smack!” he actually wanted a snack, but he wasn’t corrected from the adults, but he was given a literal smack, reinforcing the idea that perfection is very important to the community, and no exceptions were to be made. Another is when the pilot in the first chapter drove the plane into the neighborhood, and then because he made that mistake, he was released. ““Needless to say, he will be released.” The voice had said, followed by silence. There was an ironic tone to that final message, as if the Speaker found it amusing;” The people don’t learn morals, and they’re like robots, living in a spotless world, but you wouldn’t get entertainment/enjoyment out of life. Everyone is bland and sincere, and if they were to have their own choices, they can’t because they have absolutely no experience with how to be creative, because of the lack of mistakes. The potato chip, for example, was made from a mistake, but is a popular snack in the west. Another reason I don’t agree is that the people are mainly humored by others mistakes. When Asher said smack, the people chuckled and giggled, and when the Speaker announced that the pilot will be released, the speaker “found it amusing”. Jokes are big in civilization today, and without them, we would lose a lot of the conversations that happen throughout our day. So, in conclusion, not making wrong choices in my opinion is a mistake because of the valuable morals and innovation lost from making errors, which are arguably more important than a perfect world.

Mrs. Ragsdale’s Talk

March 7th, 2016

She has lived though a lot of violent experiences, such as the terrorist’s attack. She had been shot by a young child, because in that time a lot of people think there are not important to this world and so they started to shoot people and commit suicide. Mrs. Ragdale was shot by one of those child. On the child’s face she saw terror, she noticed that the boy wanted others to know that he is important too. After she recovered, she did not want to get revenge or anything like that but she chose to tell people about it and let others know how important it is to be your self and don’t hate. Even if you get angry about something solve it in a nice way do not shout or do anything violent. She also said that if you think you are the best, even if you fail a test at least you tried, and don’t hate, you can live a better life.

Why Hillary Clinton will win or loose

February 26th, 2016

Hillary Clinton should be the next president because she is now the only woman who is still running. There hasn’t been a female president in America so maybe she could be the one that breaks the record. There is a big chance that she will win because she is helping woman rights, and so the women who were supported will want to vote for her, and there are so many women in America so if each one of them votes for her, she might win.


In 2007, Mrs. Clinton was so close to getting to be the next president but she was defeated by a strong opponent Mr. Obama. This gives her a lot of chance to be the next president because if Mr. Obama can’t be the president anymore, the closest to be the next president would be Mrs. Clinton. This also makes her far away from being the next president because since she got defeated by Mr. Obama, a lot of people are trying to convince the people that Mr. Obama convinced and make them try to vote them. Because she was fighting for the president with Mr. Obama the people voted for Mr. Obama might hate her, and that makes her have less votes, so it’s really hard to tell is she going to win or not.

Dogs could get a medicine to keep them with us longer

December 3rd, 2015

Daniel Promislow can’t let his old dog, Silver die, he has been talking care of Silver for eleven years, but he still have another dog who is still a teenager. Daniel went to America, Washington DC, and he asked the university teachers to help him, try to keep Silver alive a bit longer. The people in the University made a kind of medicine that makes mice live longer and became stronger, but they don’t know if the medicine will work on pets such as dogs. The medicine is called Rapamycin. Doctors said if Rapamycin works on dogs then it would be a huge thing, but if it doesn’t work on dogs then they will die. The scientists also made a website that helps dogs, and the website is


I chose this article because I also have dogs, but a bit more than Daniel Promislow, I have five dogs and he has two. Most of them are teenagers and one of them is getting old. This relates to the article because, in the article Daniel’s dog is also old, and going to die, but the article didn’t tell did Rapamycin work or not, so if it works then the world’s dogs can live a bit longer. If Rapamycin didn’t work then dogs still die, but a bit earlier. I really want Rapamycin to work, because in my opining dogs are the best pets, are I can’t let them die.

Click Here to read the full article.

Happy ending for the world’s oldest story when a museum makes a save

November 26th, 2015

In the ancient times, the Middle East was the time that has the most history. The Islamic State was a violent group of people in Iraq and Syria. The group has destroyed a lot of temples and statues that were built thousand years ago. One museum in Iraq has rescued some ancient tablets. All the tablets were covered in mud and some of them were broken and some of them were unbroken. Experts looked at the tablets carefully and they discovered something new in it. The experts found out that there was a story inside the tablets. The story is about Gilgamesh the great king of Uruk. It talks about Gilgamesh going to an adventure in a forest. Somehow the story really makes it sound like todays stories.


This article really makes a connection with archaeology because it talks about people working really hard trying to found out what story is inside the tablet. Archaeology is about studying human history, so finding real stories count as discovering ancient past of humans. This article is about archaeologists trying to find out what stories are inside the ancient tablets, which is connected with archaeology.


Click Here to read the full article.


Boston residents complain about winter snow, Summer Olympics bid

November 17th, 2015

Are the 2024 Olympics going to be in New York or Boston? There are many problems in Boston, such as too much snow so people can’t run, etc. If people run they might slip and get injuries. Even though Boston is in #1 in medicine, but if there are many injuries in the Olympics, then there will be people dying if the injuries are serious. Boston needs $4.7 billion dollars to run the Olympics, but the government would only give $1/2 billion for the securities. The final answer is going to be decided in 2017, which is still two years away.


This article makes me think of my narrative writing, because my story takes place in Iran in the winter, which is very cold just like Boston. The snow in Boston can cover many people, and even if the workers clean it, it will still be slippery. My story is about 3 kids hiding in snow and the police can ‘t find them, this makes a connection because the article and my story both talk about the people falling into the snow. If the people decide the next Olympics is going to be in Boston than many people might get injured, and it just won’t be same.



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Tech program throws a hackathon to help students learn, help N.J. city

November 2nd, 2015

In Camden, New Jersey, there is a tech program, and it help teen students how to use and learn from computers, and taught them how to hack computers. The teachers called this place Hackathon. Hackathon is finding teachers from all around the world to help the teen kids learn how to make websites and research. Hackathon thinks they can make Camden proud of it’s own country, because of their technology. The teachers from Hackathon like to show students what interesting things you can do on computers, and how to learn from them.


This article has some connections to the book Ungifted; it’s also about education. In the book Ungifted, there is this kid who is called Noah, he has an IQ of 206, he knows a lot about computers, for example hacking them. He also likes YouTube very much, and in the article, the kids are learning how to hack computers. I think the only unrelated issue is that Noah is a genius so he doesn’t have to learn, and in the article the students have to spend their time trying to learn more about computers, and it will take them years to be super hackers. The students their are really lucky because probably everyone in town wants to know how to hack.


Click here to read the full article.

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