polymer journal #2

David Ng 8-4

Our Specific Goal:

The goal of our polymer project is to make a durable, and harmless when eaten polymer that can be attached onto sharp edges on furniture to prevent kids from hurting themselves when anything there doing around in the house.



Target Market Audience

Parents with small kids Target Market Audience How will this help them?
Target Market Audience #1:


Parents with small children This will prevent the little children from hurting themselves when they’re not under parents supervision.    
Possible Target Market Audience #2:

*just in case you have more than one target market audience

Kindergartens Avoid kids from hurting themselves while running or playing around the tables.


Using Observations of Base Polymers


*Gloop, Super Slime, Boogers, Oobleck, Goobers


Polymer Characteristics We Like for Our Polymer Why this is important
Gloop Durable and has a certain amount of cushioning.   In order for the polymer to last long, it has to be durable even through rough conditions and every day- contact.
Super Slime Good traction Bad traction to the surface will mean the polymer on stay on it.
Boogers N/A N/A
Oobleck Tough Toughness in the polymer will help with the reduction of momentum during the collision
Goobers Ability to absorb contact If our polymer can absorb contact and provide good cushioning it will reduce the change of  children  getting severely hurt when charging into a sharp surface.


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polymer project journal entry #1

Polymers are formed when monomers like molecules are bonded together to form a chain of polymers.  Although there are examples of synthetic polymers. When a synthetic polymer like rayon is created, the process requires a raw material, in the case for rayon its cellulose. These polymers can be used for artificial silk and fabric and has been used for everyday life for the past 200 years. A classic example for a natural polymer can be made from guar gum. When its mixed with water molecules it forms web-like chains so the result of it is colloids.






a close up picture of Rayon, can also be a template picture for any natural polymer.





Sources I used:

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Exploring internal and external conflicts from “another Ji Li”

Interview with 陈淑萍

March 24,2018


  1. 您先大概介绍一下您和文化大革民的关系

Hi! Let’s start off by you telling me the connections with you and the culture revolution.


Interviewee: 我是一九五二年出生的, 是在新中国成立3年后。 我在初中没上完就被下放到农村里去了,在那里一直呆到21岁。

I was born in 1952, 3 years after “The New China” founded. I was forced to work in farms when I haven’t finished middle school yet and stayed there until I was 21.




  1. 您觉得您和吉利有什么相似和不同的地方

what are some similarities and differences that you hold with Ji Li?


我觉得她比我更惨一点,但主要的还是非常相似的。 我们都是在上初中,也都是在上海。

Despite that she had worst situations than me, I think we are almost identical. Same age, same city and same opinions about the revolution.



  1. 文革中您遇到冲突了吗? 如果有,请举出列子?

Did you face major conflicts during the revolution, if so can you give me examples?



The two main conflicts I faced was because the technology in the farms were not advanced enough I had troubles communicating with my parents, brothers and sisters. That caused our relationship to slowly change as time progressed. My second struggle / conflict that I had to face was Just like Ji Li’s, choosing between what I believed and what others did. The choice for me was either to blindly follow people who surrounded me and write “Da Zi Bao” or “Pi Dou” or to do what my heart told me to do, study hard in school and hope to get an education in a university.

  1. 这些冲突导致了什么?您解决了吗?

How did these conflicts effect you? How did you solve it?



The first effect on my life later on was my relationship with my family got effected. Secondly caused by my decisions to follow my friends at school, I didn’t pay attention in classes and that resulted in me not getting a higher level of education, what has always been my dream ever since.


  1. 如果时间能够倒退,您会做出什么变化?

If you can rewind time, what decisions will you change?



Haha, life is life. There are always things we regret, but our decisions make up who we are. I won’t change a thing.



Thank you for your time and generosity, hope you have a great day!



interview with grandma over WeChat call, March 24,2018


Girl with grandpa riding around in Pu-Xi, Shanghai, 1967



“One afternoon, ……. In a few seconds, they were all gone. I thought about my beautiful dreams and wondered if they would drift away just like those lovely soap bubbles” (18, Ji-Li Jiang) Before even reading the book, just by scanning through the introduction I instantly thought of my own grandmother. She simply just has too much in common with Ji Li, the main character in the book “The Red Scarf Girl”. Same age, same district and even conflicts they had to face during The Cultural Revolution or The Great Proletarian Revolution, as they called it back in the days. Some conflicts they had to conflicts they faced was not being able to get properly educated and decisions between the country or your family. Grandma lives in Shang Hai so I set upped a video call with her to begin my interview process. I greeted her first and then introduced The Red Scarf Girl to her. After letting her know Ji Li’s story I asked my question in Chinese and translated it back to English.  Through this whole interview I learned a lot more about the revolution in detailed, first-person perspective and the conflicts people like Ji Li and grandma encountered.




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The American revolution in the eyes of a “loyalist”

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Importance, change and continuity in the American revolution

The impact of the American revolution is not only on America, but also on the whole world, people and the reason the world is what it is right now. The American revolution brought change to the government system, after the revolution the original colonists were no longer under the control of the crown and laws made by states had changed. For example, the inheritance of land has to be divided among all children in a family. For a short time, women had the power to vote. Although a lots changed salves stayed slaves and African Americans still were seen as “the lower class people”and white men still had the most power.

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The Lord Of The Flies, A book trailer

In the trailer of the book “Lord of The Flies”, the setting is introduced before introducing two main turning points of the story was included and introduced. These turning points changed the story and also changed characters while the story progressed. Ralph, a British teenager experienced two drastic events that changed his emotions. When the boys made Ralph the leader of the group, he felt responsibility and pride. But after a while he starts to stress out. When he starts his feud with Jack, he feels anger and frustration but as the story progressed he starts to feel nervous about his positions and even thought of giving Jack his powers. After these events in the story, the book approaches this final conflict. What would Ralph do? Will he stay the same or change again?

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Rising actions lead to the final conflict in “The Lord Of The Flies”

During a middle of a war evacuation, a British airplane loaded with refugees crashed into a deserted island with only teenage boys surviving the crash. Two boys named ralph and a chubby boy nicknamed “piggy”. They found a conch and blew it out load to gather all the remaining boys that survived.

At this point of the story, Ralph was full of hope and believed that adults will recue them on the island after just a few days but piggy decides to organize the boys by saying “put first things first and act proper” in order to survive on the island. Caused by Ralph’s maturity for bringing the boys together everyone voted him to be their “chief”. Well, everyone except a boys’ choir whom was led by an impolite and red headed boy named Jack Merridew. The boys quickly decided to form a democratic system where whoever has possetion of the conch gets to command the rest and the others need to stay silent.

After being named the chief of the team, Ralph feels a push to become a good leader and he’s also very proud of his new role, he still has strong beliefs that adults are going to rescue them. Him and piggy alongside a boy named Simon became a triumvirate with Ralph holding the power to make final dissentions and own ultimate authority. After inspecting the island, they concluded that the main food source is going to be wild pigs and fruits. Jack and older boys that was called biguns showed tremendous amount of hatred towards piggy while piggy being the only person Ralph could trust.

Now Ralph feels a little bit unsure and insecure, this is certainly the first time he has been a leader other than school projects and he is stressing out about the boys playing around all day, instead of building shelters that they desperately need. Rumors about a “Beast” living in the caves somewhere on the island has been spreading like wild fire through the boys. Ralph tried to convince the boys that such the Beast don’t exist while Jack on the other hand, spreads more propaganda about the Beast’s existence and promising that he would single handily hunt it him down for the sake of the colony’s safety. That night two of Jack’s choir boys also left the signal that they set up for rescuers to see to hunt down a wild pig, causing a nearby ship to ignore the island and sailed away like nothing ever happened.

With Ralph now being furious at Jack for letting go of a chance of being rescued, he thinks about relinquishing his position as the leader for the boys. Although He doesn’t want Jack to take control of the boys but now he’s confused, He is frightened to stay as commander and if he does stay as a leader he is clueless for what to do. A feeling of fear is surrounded in the camp and Ralph has a feeling that a gigantic conflict is about to break loose…

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Barack Obama: The Game Changer


The theme of this book is did Barack Obama actually bring change to America? If he did was it useful or was he just overhyped by the democrats because he was the first African- American president that represented their party? The book provided readers a lot of information on the topic and provided readers with the solution and evidence for the theme.

There is certainly a lot of questions to answer and the book gave readers a lot of new perspective by first giving the readers background story of Obama’s childhood and how he eventually became the first black president in United States of America. Then the book gives statistics of Obama’s years behind the oval desk. “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” (16, Heather Lehr Wagner) But there is no real answer to this question because Obama wasn’t the answer for America, but he inspired Americans to change, so yes he did brought change to America but he was not the change, he helped America realized she needed change.



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Boxer of rebellion

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Obama, Changes throughout the years

The non-fiction book “Barack Obama” written by Heather Lehr Wagner illustrates and demonstrates the theme about Barack Obama’s life from a toddler to becoming the 49th president of the United States of America. The biography was written in three main categories, Obama’s childhood, Obama’s road to being president and highlights from his political career of being president.


“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” (14,Heather Lehr Wagner)Barack was born in year 1961, August 4 in Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. His mother was a white woman named Ann Dunham and his father was a black man named Barack Obama Sr. After graduating high school in Honolulu, He went to Los Angeles to attend Occidental College, and later in 1981 he transferred to Columbia University in New York city. Obama in his teenage years was once a member of the “choom gang”, a group of friends that hung out to occasionally smoke marijuana in Honolulu.


Barack Obama’s road to being president all started 1988, when he entered Harvard law school and became the editor of the Harvard law review the following year. Then in 1991, Barack Obama went to The university of Chicago to write his first book, and after that he became a lecturer for constitutional law at the The university of Chicago. His official political career kicked off in 1996 when he got elected to become The State senator of Illinois, and finally after 12 years of preparation on a cold February 10, 2007 he announced his candidacy for president of the united states of America.


“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”(16)During his announcement he emphasized changing the country by ending the war with Iraq, increasing energy independence and improving the original health-care program. During his run, Hilary Clinton endorsed Obama and showed up to a lot of his speeches after ending her run early. On November,4 of 2008, Obama won McCain by wining 52.9 percent of the popular vote and quickly gave his acceptance speech in Chicago’s grant park. And in 2012 he reelected for president and ended up winning over Romney with 51.1 percent of the popularity vote. Over his 8 years of being president, he focused on Domestic policies, LGBT rights, health care reform, foreign policies, relationship with Iraq and gun control.


Obama’s presidential career officially ended at noon during January 20, 2017 and started his new post-presidency journey. Although he is not behind the oval desk anymore but he still is and wanting to contribute to his country in all kind of ways. On October 31, 2017 Obama hosted the first summit of the Obama foundation in Chicago and his goals are to complete tasks that he hasn’t finished during his time in the office.





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