blog# 3

I used the styrofoam board and cut out 4 pieces in the same shape and stuck them together then I used the wooden chopsticks to attach the PVC pipe onto my boat. I found it very challenging to drill the perfect size of the hole for the sticks to fit it. Another challenge for today was attaching the cork to the PVC pipe.

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blog post #2

model of the steam-powered boat

material list

  • Thick Styrofoam board
  • Box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Cork
  • Cigar tube (ask an adult to get one for you) or stainless steel pipe with one capped end
  • Wire coat hanger or very thick gauge wire
  • 2 Food heating candles or tea candles
  • 3 Nails
  • Hammer
  • Modeling clay
  • Water
  • Kettle
  • Glue or tape
  • Lighter or matches

timeline of work


present my model to the inspector and receive feedback to get approved

start on my project


China cup will work on my model Thursday after school



finalize my design and make sure every part of it is secured and functional


run a few trials and record and reflect on my model

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Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

I will be choosing to do …..

an energy circuit to demonstrate energy transformation

pro: I can use my knowledge of energy transformation from our previous physics unit. Another pro is making a circuit doesn’t require complicated resources that are not in our work lab already

con : Not creative enough, also not amusing and intriguing as the other ideas caused by its boring visuals.

a  steam-powered rocket boat

pro: it is a demonstration that is easy to understand for age group and doesn’t require explaining  during a presentation because of its simple model of how thermal energy transfer to kinetic energy

con: might require materials that are not in the lab, like candles and cloth hangers

a solar hot dog cooker

pro: A very entertaining experiment that will get the audience interested during the experiment while learning the science behind the scientific phenomenon

con: experiment requires a specific environment which is hard in the winter time

rubber band car

pro: simple and easy to understand the science behind the experiment

con: it has already been done in our labs during the physics unit




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Capstone video

I have learned about the causes and effects of traffic congestion in Beijing. I created a public service announcement urging for public transportations awareness. Through this process, I have become a lot more confident with interviewing people, that was an important skill I picked up after the Hutong trip. For next year students, I would strongly recommend them to really take original footage and also interview people you don’t know as a primary source.

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Catapult quadratics project- Leaning in flight!

In this project, our goal was to record an object in flight and found a function for the flight of the ping pong ball in time vs distance and time vs hight. We created our catapults in the FAB lab using professional materials and tools that the FAB presented for us. After creating our catapult, we used logger pro to record the flight of the ball and created graphs so we can make functions in 3 different forms.

The most important learning points required to complete this project is reconstructing functions and capturing the flight of the ping pong ball. For me, these were the obstacles that challenged me at various moments during the creation of the catapult. if I can create another catapult I will change the way my catapult fires and design a catapult that can be adjusted smoothly in a short amount of time so the ping pong ball can land in areas that it needs to be. This project was extraordinarily great for me to understand quadratics better because of the real-world usage of functions and the hands-on experience instead of learning unclear knowledge in texts books about quadratic functions.


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polymer jornal 4

Prototype Observations

Prototype Observations Strengths for this Prototype Limitations for this Prototype
1 A blue polymer that we first made from mixing combining elements and traits we wanted from the former polymers we made in class Good at absorbing contact


Has a good bounce



A strong artificial smell before dried


After dried loses most of its strengths.

2 Less blue and doesn’t smell as strong as prototype 1. Performs a bit better dried off


No strong smell both wet or dried



Bounce decreased



3 The polymer is no longer stringy and slimy when its wet and has an almost see-through color Combines the pros of the last 2 prototypes Slightly thin


Prototype # __3__, called _________the _corner protector __________, was most effective for meeting our goal because:


it is the prototype that eliminated the cons from prototype 1 and 2 (dryness, hardness, oder  …etc.) and has the pros from former prototypes( good bounce, absorbs contact, see-through color…). We believe that our product is completed and ready for real- life usage.


1Place the cornflour into a large container and place a few drops of colouring into the centre.  Have the water ready  to pour into the container.


2Add the PVA solution


3Mix the water into the cornflour and colouring.  It will take some time to mix together but encourage your child to play with the gloop before it is mixed


From observing existing products that were introduced to us in class all the way till testing and establishing our own polymer product the process was very compulsive. The first major challenge we encountered was choosing our product, we thought about many substantial products we can create with polymers and we ended up choosing the corner protector because furniture is so dangerous for toddlers.

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Life beyond the walls

Why Maggot Moon perfectly portrays a dystopian society


A Dystopian society has been gaining its popularity against novels for young students in middle and high school and maggot moon by Sally Gardner is undoubtedly an extraordinary example of it. Metaphors and symbolization play a major role in illustrating the theme of the book. The wall separating zone 7 and the government building symbolized the limitations of knowledge in a dystopia society. Whoever knows the other side of the story which the government limits from the citizens will be “silenced”, a way the government keeps the truth from spreading, in the book’s case the moon man was the individual who knew too much.


“You see, the what ifs are as boundless as the stars.” (1, Gardner)


Although it seems impossible to survive in such a cruel and uncivilized society, men always find ways they can have a little bit of freedom under the government’s control, especially in a dystopian society, where rules are incredibly meticulous. “Cellar street” is a perfect example that, a secret street connecting houses with each other so families who live in zone 7 can help each other out when the government doesn’t care about them at all. When Hector first moves in he was instantly hated by his teachers. Because he came from the motherland, he never learned the ways of living in zone 7, a community with sinners and “The lower class”, most of the times its people who had gone against the government. He didn’t adjust to living in a society where he had to keep an eye open even sleeping.


The football which went over the wall is another momentous event that changed the story. It’s ironic to think about what if the football never went past the wall, the wall that separates truth and propaganda. Propaganda is a huge element in a dystopian society, from the public speakers from The Giver to the entertainment media in Fahrenheit 451. Propaganda is always spread by the government into citizen’s element in daily life. The radio in the living room was how the government in maggot moon spread their propaganda. In the radio, reporters talked about the details of the moon landing and because there is no television the radio was the only source of knowledge of the outside world people in zone 7 can only believe in what is said in the radio



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Journal 3

We are making a durable and safe protective cover for sharp edges of furniture.




Physical properties we want:




Sticky (enough to stick onto the edges and still be soft)


Absorbs impact







Prototype creation stages


First, we will observe the properties we need in our product from already existing polymers ( gloop , booger etc)


Secondly, we do different tests to test out the properties were looking for


After that, we do tests on actual tables in the classroom and always find more than 3 subjects.


Finally, we present it and give testers a chance to reflect on our product for improvements.





Method Why we chose this/How this will be effective
Bounce test In order to for our polymer to absorb contact it can’t be too stringy 
Fish tank test ( leave it somewhere and let it dry) Test the product’s durability to stay on a surface
See through  test Make sure the color of the polymer don’t effect the color of the furniture




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polymer journal #2

David Ng 8-4

Our Specific Goal:

The goal of our polymer project is to make a durable, and harmless when eaten polymer that can be attached onto sharp edges on furniture to prevent kids from hurting themselves when anything there doing around in the house.



Target Market Audience

Parents with small kids Target Market Audience How will this help them?
Target Market Audience #1:


Parents with small children This will prevent the little children from hurting themselves when they’re not under parents supervision.    
Possible Target Market Audience #2:

*just in case you have more than one target market audience

Kindergartens Avoid kids from hurting themselves while running or playing around the tables.


Using Observations of Base Polymers


*Gloop, Super Slime, Boogers, Oobleck, Goobers


Polymer Characteristics We Like for Our Polymer Why this is important
Gloop Durable and has a certain amount of cushioning.   In order for the polymer to last long, it has to be durable even through rough conditions and every day- contact.
Super Slime Good traction Bad traction to the surface will mean the polymer on stay on it.
Boogers N/A N/A
Oobleck Tough Toughness in the polymer will help with the reduction of momentum during the collision
Goobers Ability to absorb contact If our polymer can absorb contact and provide good cushioning it will reduce the change of  children  getting severely hurt when charging into a sharp surface.


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polymer project journal entry #1

Polymers are formed when monomers like molecules are bonded together to form a chain of polymers.  Although there are examples of synthetic polymers. When a synthetic polymer like rayon is created, the process requires a raw material, in the case for rayon its cellulose. These polymers can be used for artificial silk and fabric and has been used for everyday life for the past 200 years. A classic example for a natural polymer can be made from guar gum. When its mixed with water molecules it forms web-like chains so the result of it is colloids.






a close up picture of Rayon, can also be a template picture for any natural polymer.





Sources I used:
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