(theater and design) nightmare world PJ entry

My scene design project is not a nightmare, but a creepy visual. The stage is supposed to be a slaughter or torcher chamber. But the slaughtering all happens in the small room with screws sticking in and out of it. The rest of the stage is covered in blood, bones, flesh, and spider webs. The blood is from all of the slaughterings,  and violent actions that spilled blood. The flesh, bones, are the leftovers from a person’s body, and they just happen to be there. The spider webs are symbolizing that this torcher chamber is unused and old. The rest of the scene designs, like the nails, the crosses, and the death symbols, are just making the scene more creepy, and more like a nightmare. Overall, I think this project was pretty successful. This project looks pretty bloody, scary and terrifying. If I dreamed myself in this scene it would definitely be a nightmare.

science engineering project

After lots of influencing ideas, some were not possible to make due to limited material, and some just took too long to make. So, I decided to go with a windmill project. This windmill project transfers kinetic energy into electric energy.