Response: My Name is Sangoel By Davin 4-LM

My Name is Sangoel

By Karen Lynn Williams

 There was a kid named Sangoel from Sudan. His dad died in the Sudan War and his family had to move out. Sangoel’s family had to go to a refugee camp because they don’t have a place to live. After a while, they got sent to a North America. They had a person to explain things and teach them how to cook. Sangoel was sent to school to learn things. Everybody in school can’t pronounce Sangoel name properly, and he felt really bad. But Sangoel solved the problem for it. They forgot the how said it was but they settled down there and had a normal life from that point. But Sangoel was still a very special kid.

I think this was a push because there was a war in Sudan and they had a to escape to be safe. It was too dangerous to let them live there.

 Davin 4-LM