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How do Migrants Change the Country?

Migrants can change a whole country easily. Maybe a king and a queen from Britian moved to USA, and then everyone knew them and they even might copy their religion which can totally change a person’s life. Maybe a whole lot of Irish people moved to Canada, then Canada might be overpopulated. If there’re to […]

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Sudden Move-Migration

If the Chinese government said I can’t renew my visa and I have to leave China in 10 days, it will be really really hard move that fast. If my whole family knew about my visa, my mom would start throwing our things into a box, my dad will put food into a box, my […]

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I Recommend You Read: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck!!!

On Thanksgiving, my mom finally bought me Hard Luck! Everyone should know about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, they’re very popular! On Nov 2013, Jeff Kinney’s Hard Luck book got published! I’m also pretty sure that there are no Hard Luck books in Hong Kong yet! It’s the 8th edition and it’s getting […]

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