Building Sumo Robots

We just started building Sumo Robots this week. I’m so excited! We build Sumo Robots to let them wrestle against each other. If you beat your class, you play against other classes, if you and your team win all, you guys are the Sumo Robot Champion!

You first choose a base in the basket where they out all of the bases, then you choose which kind of wheel you want. Next, you put the wheels, the motors, the sensors, and the nuts and bolts on, you could put the battery box, the switch, and the wires connected you could program the brain! The sensors could sense dark and light, it will turn back if it senses the light. The program makes it turns a different way, if you plug it in the computer, you could change how it moves and turns.

You get to work with a partner to make a robot. In a team of 2 to 3 people. Me and my partner Edric, really likes technology things like computers, machines, and robots. Last year someone told about it. I first thought you watch Mr Stadham make the robot. But someone else told you have to MAKE the robot. I was really excited that time. now I’m constructing the robot!

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  1.   Soo Hwan Lim on January 17th, 2014          

    Hi Davin,
    I really can understand how to build a sumo robot. Great job!

  2.   Michael on January 17th, 2014          

    Good job Davin!!! Nice working
    From: Michael (your friend ).

  3.   Larry on January 17th, 2014          

    I know you guys are farther ahead than anyone else in our class, so I would suggest that you put armor on your robot’s side, tilted toward the center, to create a semi-dome. Then you should put white foam on it, to use as white to make the robot turn. You should consider this idea.

  4.   Chunchan on January 21st, 2014          

    Maybe you could revise a bit more 🙂

    CCW 🙂